Abusing own children

One tactic paedophiles use on their victims and those who protect them from the abuse is suppressing them. Scaring the abused kids into believing if they tell someone about the abuse, bad things will happen. Then they spread propaganda over social media with other paedophiles, using hate pages as they hide behind their fake profiles, to attack the protective parent and play the victim card. It’s a classic tactic I have seen a million times and very obvious to spot.

I am now pushing with our team and the victim in this above statement, to get this case reopened with the police, as it was first ignored by authorities. There is so much overwhelming evidence of sexual abuse, it’s just a matter of time.

Paedophiles beware…. there is no time limit for you to be prosecuted. I’ve got another good 40 yrs in me, to continue to make sure you and everyone of you, are held accountable for your vile actions on children. The more paedophile stalking enemies I have the better, because I know you are focusing your energy on me, and not raping your own children. That’s a good thing 👍

I hope the reality of my posts is opening the eyes to many, who choose to ignore or close their eyes on children being raped and sexually abused.

Enjoy your weekend guys!

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