Brave young man

Wow… I thought I’d seen and heard enough shit in my life, but fuck me! I think you can see the shock on my face as the interpreter tells me horrific details.

Yesterday I was invited to meet Htay, his mother and disabled sister. Just 13 yrs old when he was kidnapped by officials for picking up garbage off the streets. After spending over 12 months in prison, he was recently released & reunited with his family, thanks to the amazing volunteers from the charity I’m currently with.

His crime… absolutely NOTHING. I was told of his life in prison with hundreds of other kids aged 3 months to 16 years old. Daily torture, sexual abuse and beatings by guards. An amazing young man with a heartbreaking story. We did have a laugh comparing prison stories. I’m hoping with our followers help, you and Project Rescue Children – PRC will be able to help Htay and his family.

On another note: So much going on I’m loosing my hair. I’m currently looking into another shocking case in Australia where Child Safety muppets have completely and blatantly ignored another sexually abused child from a paedophile parent. Some serious questions coming, including why are dirty paedophiles protected more then victims? Why do so many charities receive hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars of funding and donations, when they actually do completely nothing for kids??

Thanks for all your continued support to myself and my awesome team at PRC.



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