Colin Chapman Paedophile Col Chapman Child Recovery

Those who know me know I’ll call a spade ♠️ a spade ♠️…. I’ll also call a paedophile a paedophile when there’s undisputed evidence. Just like Colin Chapman, who is a paedophile! He or other paedophiles should never be allowed near a child. Classic paedophile protecting paedophile.

Unfortunately, the people whose job it is to protect our kids from paedophiles, do no such thing.

New article just out (see attached pictures):

“Australian kids abused after QLD state gives all clear by Child Safety officers! Shocking statistics reveal QLD safety crisis.”

I’ve been screaming this exact same thing with young Layla’s abuse case.

Di Farmer MP- MUST be removed as QLD Child Safety Minister. Thousands of kids abused under the authority of Di Farmer… also add young Layla Leisa’s rape & sexual abuse by a pedo ring 🤬 blatantly ignored by incompetent QLD child safety staff. I hate even calling them ‘Child Safety’ officers. Muppets is more like it. Soon I will confirm just as we suspected… Layla’s case involves a paedophile ring and you can take a guess at who’s in it!!

Many want this subject swept under the carpet, especially Layla’s sexual abuse and rape. Why hasn’t this attached article made National headlines? Family law in Australia 🇦🇺 is and has been in crisis for many years.

Our system ignores our children and protects paedophiles like Colin Chapman who continue to slip through investigation after investigation. Is it a case of this paedophile being a police informer that he avoids prosecution? I know, as does the family of Layla.

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