Domestic Violence against woman and children

I travel the world helping kids in all types of situations and I’m forever coming across all types of Domestic Violence.

It doesn’t matter what country… it’s happening behind closed doors. Seeing in the last couple weeks with my own eyes, the devastation and hell DV actually puts people in, has really gotten to me.

Yes, it happens to both men and woman, but majority of the victims are woman. To see in Russia 🇷🇺 last week a young boy so scared to see his father, really shocked me. No… it was not due to brainwashing by the mother… it was pure fear, after this innocent boy has seen years of his mother being attacked by his father.

If you are male or female and you are being abused…. get help straight away, don’t let it go on and on. Fucking cowards are those who hit a woman or child. The worst are those cowards who try and spin the story to make out they are the victims!! Real men don’t touch woman and children.

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