Join against Child Abusers

Joining together in the communities is a must if we are to make our communities safe from child predators who are everywhere.

We must protect our children. People must talk and be vigilant both online and in reality about child safety. Don’t be scared, speak out. Everyone has a voice. As we have recently discovered with a paedophile ring of fathers, who all have sexually abused their own children for years, paedophiles will always protect and support each other at all costs, usually behind fake profiles and pages. It’s all they have.

They hate being exposed and react like school girls behind the only thing they know… their keyboards and Facebook. They will cowardly attack and harass those who protect their victims. Never ever back down from these parasite cowards, child rapists and abusers. Don’t get tied up or worry yourself with their fake pages… it’s what they want. They thrive on your comments. Keep a log and report to police. There are laws against what they are doing online.

Consistency and Persistence will always win. After spending 4 months in some of the worst prisons, consistency and persistence are two things I’m best at…. Enjoy your day 👍

Paedophiles ➡️ #ColinChapman #AndyGough #MichaelWatters #HaydenQuabba #HowardFurner ⬅️ Paedophiles

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