Royal Commission a must

In so many countries there is no justice system …. it’s the law system and until that changes sex offenders and paedophiles and those who assist them, will never get the sentences they deserve or even stand trial for child abuse. I’m sick to death of paedophiles walking away with a slap on the hand by the ‘JUSTICE SYSTEM’ as their victims and families suffer for life. Justice!!! Absolute rubbish. It’s the ‘Bullshit System’.

Those who have been arrested for protecting abused kids are not criminals, they are simply doing what authorities should be doing. If you only see the overwhelming, undisputed evidence I’m continually passed in relation to cases by parents who are victims to the system, it would make your blood boil.

THERE MUST BE a Royal Commission into Family Law Responses to child abuse.

There is no greater crime than a child being abused sexually by its own parent and ignored by those whose job it is to protect them….

Oh I forget…. there needs to be a class action lawsuit against people like Child Safety Minister Di Farmer, for her blatant neglect of abused kids. People need to stand up against these muppet politicians who parade in the media as Child Safety advocates, yet behind the scenes do jack shit for abused kids. There’s also a couple charities who do the same! All for show to gain Government funding, but they close the door on abused kids seeking help…🤬

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