Say NO to Domestic Violence

Been a busy week for CARI…. 2 recoveries in two different continents that we can’t disclose. Then we had the pleasure of finally putting an end to a nightmare for another wonderful mother and her son.

Leonid was abducted by the father from Russia 🇷🇺 to Switzerland 🇨🇭

For 3 months his mother Natalia had no idea where or if her child was safe. Through our Russian colleagues we were quickly able to locate the kidnapper and child, before returning him safety to Russia.

Unfortunately, the father is a violent abusive individual, who thinks it’s ok to severely physically attack the mother to his child. He has continued to make attempts to kidnap the child and threaten the life of the mother.

Today with court orders and our final plans in place, we safely relocated Natalia and Leonid to a safe location overseas, where we will secure both their safety. No child or partner should tolerate any abuse.

Big thanks to our Russian man Viktor and his team for acting swiftly and professionally and to those Russian authorities for your kind assistance.

Whether you are male or female…. NEVER accept domestic violence. Get help and get out…. or call us, we’ll help. 👍 oh yeh… if you do hit your partner you’re a fucking coward 👍

(Posted at mother’s request in order to show other abused parents to take action and stop being victims)

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