The post the named paedophiles had FB take down. They don’t want anyone to see this post…. So here it is!

***Welcome to my new blog where posts that the below paedophiles have a cry to Facebook to remove will stay permanently up on my blog. The below paedophiles all have sexually abused and or raped their own children and will do anything to stop the overwhelming evidence getting out into the public ***

Watch my video they are trying desperately to have removed

Truth hurts as they say.

Let me put an end to the myth about there being no female paedophiles…. a very well written article attached below, giving insight into some notorious female paedophiles.

It’s important to understand a trend is also happening, as it has for some time, as we are finding more and more male paedophiles who get exposed, like #ColinChapman #AndyGough #MichaelWatter #HowardFurner do there utmost best, to turn things into an online war between fathers and mothers. They try very hard to gain followers and sympathy from other fathers, who are totally unaware of them being paedophiles.

They hide in the virtual reality world, befriending online losers and psychopaths like this fucking cockroach Anna Helen Kalenuik, to carry out their dirty work, using ridiculous and amusing hate pages like fb page, ‘Anti Corruption, Exposing frauds, scammers, general’ and a dozen more she runs. The paedophiles won’t post on their own pages. I’ve had many ladies contact me upset about the above page. Ladies block it or ignore it. It’s a complete fucking joke, no one comments on it besides herself and her page.

Take no more than 5 minutes on the page and you’ll understand the words ‘looser’ ‘paedophile supporter’ ‘get a job’ ‘no life’ and ‘psychopath.’ To all those woman who have been a victim of this vile amusing shitbag Kalenuik coward, I can tell you her page is on the police radar by a detective investigating one of these paedophile parasites. Australia has tough new laws now for what’s she’s doing. Be patient ladies… 👍 The hate speech that dribbles out her mouth and coached by convicted fraud and propaganda champion Colin Chapman, can be discredited within seconds ladies.

Just look at fb page ‘Destitute Father’ this is again paedophile and failed ex Greens Parliament candidate Andy Gough, hiding behind yet another fake identity. His last fake page now offline, after being exposed for harassing, stalking and abusing woman online. Playing the poor victim father act…again with ‘Destitute Father.’ Even setting up a Go Fund account, to pay his legal fees as he fights court, while good decent fathers donate being unaware of who he really is. FB recently removed 3 billion fake, hate and bullying pages within a 6 month period

The above names hate woman…. that’s very clear and a fact. They are all misogynists. They use hate speech and comments against females and ex partners online to stir other misogynists, as they play victims to gain female followers. Domestic Violence as per the courts DV orders clearly show, against some ex partners of the above named, it’s the norm to beat, stalk and threaten woman, as is sexually abusing and raping their children. Beating woman and sexually abusing their own children is what they have been doing for years and until now, gotten away with it. No one has stood up to these parasites, so they’ve gotten away with everything.

Ladies do not get caught up in the bullshit propaganda they are so good at dribbling. Don’t fall into their online bullying trap. They thrive on you replying or commenting. They want you upset and stressed. They have no life and would be devastated if FB one day collapses. I can guarantee you now, if any names above were confronted in person, they’d run.

This is not a war between mothers or fathers, this is a war between those who sexually abuse their children and those who don’t. I don’t care if you are a mother or father, if you sexually abuse your child, you need to be exposed and held accountable.

All sexually abused children need justice, whether abused from mum or dad. It’s a long post, but people need to be aware what is behind some pages they follow or donate to. Remember, never allow yourself to be bullied or harassed by anyone, especially weak online cowards.

Have a great week.

Skippy 👍

Ps: Looking forward to meeting many of you soon in person at our luncheon.

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