The System & Child Abusers

When a judge admits that the system is messed up, why don’t things change! 🤬🤬

It’s like… oh fuck it, it’s not affecting me, I’ll just let it go even if I know a child’s being abused!

I know personal details of many cases where this is happening to innocent children who are raped and sexual abused by a parent, only to be put back in their evil deviant hands. The Australian government and the political muppets running the circus, like Queensland Child Minister Di Farmer, need a good kick up their ass. You need to be held accountable for neglect to thousands of abused children.

Australians go on about how great our country is, but ignore the fact Australia has a shocking secret when it comes to abused children. I’ve personally seen less developed countries deal with paedophiles and child abusers so much more affective.

To the authorities in positions who know about the child abuse, and trust me there’s too fucking many, but choose to ignore, you must be held accountable for failing our children.

Wake up for fuck sake! How many innocent children need to be raped, before the muppets act and completely change the current system.

#AdamWhittingtonForPrimeMinister2030 😂😂👍 my first appointment would be removing every Child Minister currently in place for neglecting our children. Second, put ALL child abusers on an island, with a life sentence never to be released. That includes paedophile fathers #ColinChapman #AndyGough #MichaelWatter #HowardFurner #HaydenQuabba 🏝 oh and one way tickets 🛫 for the muppets who support any of these abusers, as they get off behind their keyboards 👍😊

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