The evidence is everywhere but has been ignored

I will stand by everything I have stated in all videos and blogs, when it comes to these peadophiles I’ve named. Why? Because the evidence of them sexually abusing their own children is everywhere, it just so happens to be, until now it’s been ignored, hidden or those who speak out against these paedophiles are attacked over social media. The victim’s mothers in these cases, are threatened, stalked and harassed by the names below, in order to shut the mothers up.

Well bring it on I say….

What’s this below!!!!! Which paedophile father does this evidence below relate to???

#ColinChapman #HowardFurner #AndyGough #MichaelWatter or #HaydenQuabba

But wait…. there’s so much more undisputable evidence… it’s coming bit by bit.

Colin Chapman from Child Recovery Chapman is the ring leader of the paedophile ring. He coaches and instructs each of the above. Let’s also not forget that Colin Chapman and Howard Furner are confirmed police informers. Just as Furner has confessed in writing and in a court audio. Now why haven’t these two in particular been investigated and prosecuted??? Not difficult to know why!

Read this link below:

You’ll see for your own eyes who Colin Chapman really is and the things he has so desperately trying to hide for years. Official documents confirming his sexual abuse to his two daughters, domestic abuse to multiple ex and current female partners, Domestic Violence orders by Queensland court. The list is endless.

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