Undisputed evidence of sexual abuse by a father

Did you know, sexually abused children and or their NON paedophile parent, are entitled to ‘Victims Compensation,’ if undisputed evidence is provided to Victims Services. This compensation also includes lack of earnings to the NON paedophile parent, due to loss of working hours for taking care of the abused child.

Now, to receive any type of compensation from VC, which is a government department, you will need undisputed evidence that shows the child was more than likely sexually abused.

Please see pictures of documents attached. This letter was written and the investigation into compensation, was overseen by Mahashini Krishna, the Commissioner of Victims Rights.

Read it and pay particular attention to the yellow highlighted section and where it’s marked with red highlight pen. Now for those who have bad eyes I’ll copy and paste the highlighted yellow section and point 28, so you can see:

27. Recognition payments under section 35 and 36 of the act are payable to primary victims of particular types of acts of violence. The application and supporting material provide establish a threshold that is more likely than not that the applicant HAS EXPERIENCED SEXUAL ABUSE BY THE FATHER. MEDICAL EVIDENCE CONFIRMS that the applicant’s subsequent psychological and behavioural development was adversely impacted by his experience of abuse.

28. On the evidence before me, I am of the view that the applicant is eligible for a category B recognition payment for a sexual assault and indecent assault that is one of a SERIES OF RELATED acts section 35(2)(B).

Mahashini Krishna

Commissioner of Victims Rights


I can tell you now, Victims Compensation WILL NOT give any compensation, IF THERE IS NOT OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, to support the application.

While the dirty paedophile ring continues to beg their innocent over social media platforms looking for sympathy votes, that they have not sexually abused their children, as it’s of course all they can do after being exposed….. the evidence we have to show each has sexually abused their own children is undisputed, overwhelming and is not mistaken. Yes, the case in the letter attached, does belong to one of the below. This paedophile father has not been investigated because police refuse to, he has not been prosecuted, but he is a AFP police informer!



#ColinChapman #AndyGough #MichaelWatter #HowardFurner



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