Who really is Colin Chapman – Child Recovery Expert (fraud)

Police reports show this paedophile sexually abusing his own daughters in the shower, then spent up to 3 hours coaching them not to tell anyone. All in police report below people, this is not made up. Colin Chapmans dirty secret is finally out.

Of course we do not state things in public unless it is true and we have seen evidence. As you can clearly see from this part of a report below. This is part of the CPIU (Child Protection Investigation Unit) interview of Colin Chapman’s sexual abuse to his two daughters, including Saria his oldest, recorded in Nambour Police Station, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. This is what Chapman has been trying to hide for years. He is also connected to countless cases where he works for paedophile parents trying to abduct kids back to the paedophiles.

Some parts below have been blanked out, but if you read carefully you can fill in the blanks, including where Colin Chapman‘s name goes. “Hour long showers with his two daughters, using his penis to show the girls how to clean their private parts. Then he spends up to 3 hours lecturing the girls and demanding his oldest girl Saria, not to tell anyone what they are discussing/doing. The information recorded in the child protection history ***indicates that there have been significant concerns that (blank) physically abused the child”***

The funniest thing is, this muppets only defence… these documents are all photoshopped or made up!! Well wait we have the original with the detectives name and details… should we post it big Col??? Or are you going to continue with your porky pie lies! Paedophile!

Colin Chapman This scumbag started his first hate campaign in 2014 after we, CARI Child Abduction Recovery International rejected his request to work with him. In 2016 he started his second hate campaign within hours of sabotaging our recovery in Lebanon, after he lost the job. Within hours he was in every news paper, TV and radio station defaming CARI and myself. He even contacted our CEO’s wife (now ex) while he was detained in Lebanon, via emails and voice messages (all documented) creating propaganda that he had prostitute girlfriends in Australia in an attempt to destroy our CEO’s marriage. It took our legal team 2 months to remove 26 defamatory and slanderous articles offline all sourced by this scumbag.

This is our legal letter below to Chapman. The coward removed all defamatory posts and comments off his page within 2 hours of receiving this below letter:

In 2017 the maggot started his third hate campaign, this time teaming up using these known child recovery frauds, #EricKalmus #PatDesmond (who also asked us to work with him, but we rejected after finding out he only scams parents) and #DonyaAlNAhi (We took legal action against Donya for her hate campaign) who decided and thought they were smart to created a website in my own name, using a new domain in my name, accusing me of rape, attacking my own children and many other vile things, all in an attempt to close CARI down. Well they fucked up AGAIN. Read this blog https://childabductionrecovery.wordpress.com/2018/12/24/frauds-parental-child-abduction/?fbclid=IwAR1-zBKhyI_sd6DW7U4_pmmc49VVO9XXFr6vKcwjqO2IIBblhETElNlrYZk

about our lawsuit against the creator and dumb ass who put his name to the defamatory website #EricKalmus. As a result we forced the unintelligent parasite into bankruptcy and he subsequently even changed his own name after being exposed. Absolute frauds through and through. We have known Colin Chapman has been hiding things for many years after we have researched this piece of shit, but we had no evidence, until now. He has multiple fake FB profiles he uses to either put propaganda online or uses to lure in vulnerable left behind parents. Like his latest fake troll page ‘Bonnie Bruner’

You’ll see who he really is by reading below and seeing for your own eyes, exactly what he has been trying to hide. It speaks for itself really. Anyone who associates themselves with this scumbag woman and child abuser needs to be careful. Each time they try and start another hate campaign with defamatory or slanderous comments, we will hit them hard and defend anything these scumbags want to throw each and every time.

Colin Chapman promotes never being arrested on his social media and it’s the first thing he tells potential clients. What he doesn’t tell everyone is, he or his scumbag friends, never will be arrested because they never leave the safety of their lounge rooms. Cowards, the lot of them preying on vulnerable parents. He buys all his fb page likes to give a false sense of him being popular. Just watch his page likes climb or watch his posts likes go from nothing to hundreds as he pays for promotions in order to look popular. Counting his likes is an all time favourite hobby for this parasite.

He continues to post pictures like this below telling his brainwashed paid followers it’s a recovery!!!! Absolute bullshit. Set up fake recovery picture and we know from a person who was there as the picture was taken. Look at their eyes!!! Fake fake fake

Please read this blog about a recovery from Lebanon he and the mother lied about, just to promote Chapman. We did the recovery but the mother and Chapman tried to extort $40,000 from Channel 7 for their fake story. Blog here: https://childabductionrecovery.wordpress.com/2018/05/09/the-recovery-from-lebanon-we-didnt-want-public/

He has no hesitation to drug young children as he is incompetent, dangerous and has no idea how to do this job. Here he confesses after a TV host drills him, he stumbles to find an answer. Not only is this a crime to drug children, it is the most dangerous thing to ever do to a child.

Full interview transcript here : https://www.sbs.com.au/news/sites/sbs.com.au.news/files/transcripts/363563_insight_parentalabductions_transcript.html

He has multiple fake social media profiles and pages he uses to stalk, harass and threaten people as well as try and promote himself as a saint. This is one such page:

Now, in 2019 with the help of a new lunatic #AnnaHelenKalenuik (she’ll be offline soon as well as being sued in a class action lawsuit for defamation of many individuals and charities who protect children) see this blog https://adamwhittington.home.blog/2019/06/04/142/#ColinChapman along with his close paedophile ring, #AndyGough #HowardFurner #MichaelWatters he has started his fourth hate campaign and along with the named paedophiles and pedo supporters above, are now playing the innocent victims. Why? Because we will not back down from these shit bags, so they have no option to play victim. These scumbags throw shit, stalk woman and harass so many people online, yet when they are exposed and the truth comes out, they have no option but play the innocent victim card. Well bullshit….. Chapman is a compulsive liar with a fictional fantasy to match… he is a coward and won’t post things himself, but instead use others. He knows we will sue the ass off him, if he posts one more defamatory comment and it would be a pleasure to spend money to do it.

Chapman uses only his Facebook page ‘Child Recovery – Chapman’ to continue to fool parents into believing he is a child recovery agent when in fact there are countless parents who can confirm who he really is and what he does. He uses lunatic #AnnaHelenKalenuik and others to spit out his shit, while he tries to look professional. His ex and only person to ever work with him, will tell you every lie and trick Chapman uses in order to trick parents and media into believing he is a Child Recovery Expert. An ex, and only ex colleague to ever work with pensioner Chapman is willing to talk to anyone who wishes to confirm the fraud Chapman is. Chapman and Andy Gough are now colluding with our CEO’s ex wife to play games with more lies, propaganda and defamation. The next defamation lawsuit this maggot faces there will be no second chances… straight to court. Hitting these online parasites where it hurts most… in their pockets, will keep them offline. Good luck Col!

I mean look at this…….This picture above the pensioner took in an airport with random people sitting in the background, claiming to a journalist he was on a recovery mission! Can this guy be anymore stupid. Not sure who the stupidest, pensioner Col or the dumb ass journalist for believing him.

His website is falsely claiming partnership with 4 organisations that can confirm they have zero affiliation with Chapman or his fake company. See below screenshot. Don’t believe us, contact these 4 reputable organisations yourself and ask. A number of these organisations can confirm their legal department has written to Chapman, but in good old Col fashion, he continues to ignore their requests to remove their logos and organisation names from his website.

These well established organisations have nothing to do with Chapman who is fraudulently claiming partnership.

Then the logo he is using on his fake FB page is stolen from a very reputable charity helping eradicate poverty in Africa. Chapman has no permission to use their logo but again refuses to remove it.

He can add Copyright violation to his fraud list

One very experienced journalist, Amanda Meade actually had the guts to speak the truth about Col Chapman in this article: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/apr/14/private-investigator-60-minutes-nightmare-lebanon-the-weekly-beast

No experience journalist in Australia will touch Chapman. Speak to reputable and experienced journalists at Chanel 7, 9, 10 and ABC, they all can’t stand this shitbag. He goes to newbies and those who carry out zero due diligence on him.

Or then there are the stories he sets up with some parents, into them stating he was involved in return their children….why? He pays them that’s why. We have messages from this mother in the below fake story, confirming to another person Chapman offered her money to say he did the recovery from Lebanon. He had nothing to do with the recovery, WE DID IT! When we contacted the media outlet who published their fake story, we provided all the evidence of our involvement. After that the article was taken off line as the editor confirmed it was fake. https://childabductionrecovery.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/colin-chapman-truths-revealed/

This is the blog we never wanted to post, but needed to set the record straight with evidence of Col Chapman’s continuous blatant lies. https://childabductionrecovery.wordpress.com/2018/05/09/the-recovery-from-lebanon-we-didnt-want-public/

Then you have countless of his fake recoveries he portrays to the media and his fake FB page in order to lure more vulnerable parents into thinking he recovers children. Like this illegal rubbish he tried to sell off to the media on Ash Crick. Chapman stole the child from the legal guardian, then gave the child to a parent who was released days earlier from a drug rehabilitation centre in Thailand. Chapman quickly jumped on a plane to Australia as he left the recovering drug addict with this young boy in Malaysia on the run from police. Coward with a capital C. Ash spoke out in reply to this frauds lies.

He sometimes tries to promote a book that has never seen the light of day, let alone a book shop shelf. He has never had any dealings working against paedophiles, but writes a book claiming to be an expert! It’s a very common and known trait in the child safety industry that many peadophiles will in bed themselves in the subject in order to put a smoke screen of their true actions. See for yourself, the undisputed hard evidence below from the Child Investigation Unit at Sunshine Coast police station. He has sexually abused his two daughters, there is absolutely no question about it as the evidence and police investigation show. But he is also a police informer and you can bet your bottom dollar, he was not arrested because of that.

Colin Chapman is a violent (See attached Undisputed Domestic Violence orders), drug using, psychotic criminal who has countless charges for domestic abuse against his partners, drugs and theft. In 2012 he was charged and convicted in a Brisbane court for Fraud. His mysterious brother BRIAN, who he tells everyone disappeared, lives in Melbourne and just recently (2018) was also charged and convicted in court for FRUAD. Colin uses Brian’s name to sign off on emails, to keep Colin’s name out of a scam. Look at the article clip attached, he states both his parents died??!!!! WTF!! His father George lives in Tweed Heads N.S.W, Australia and is last time I spoke on the phone to George, is still alive. Simply unbelievable the lengths this fraud goes to.

Their father George Chapman will confirm everything about these two outcasts. No one in the family want anything to do with them due to their lies and criminal activities. Brian apparently disappeared, but changed his name in Melbourne. Colin uses Brian’s ANZ bank account for people to pay into, avoiding tax. These two scammers sell fake documents to vulnerable people and criminals. These are screenshots of conversations from Brain’s mobile phone to Col (Colin):

George Chapman also confirms Colin took George’s brand new BMW car for a drive, destroyed it by pouring acid over the whole car and then accused our CEO who was on the other side of the planet. Just look at the heartbreak on George’s face, while scumbag stands next to his own father knowing he did it himself, then gets it into the local newspaper!!!

Chapman even made a false police report about this, after we exposed him for being a fraud and he knowing our CEO was coming to Australia for TV interviews, so he wanted to have our CEO arrested on arrival. More fantasyland from this scum.

He is a coward who loves to assault woman. See for yourself the undisputed evidence below including his latest Domestic Violence Order against him. His own father has come forward and spoken to us (all recorded over phone) to confirm how discussed he is and what a prolific liar Colin is. His own father confirmed the domestic abuse to woman, drug abuse and suspicious behavior towards his own children. These paragraph below are some of many that show what he does to his partners:

But it gets better…. now Chapman uses his charming sexually abused child, to write comments on our blog in her name vouching for himself (yes, chances are it’s Chapman pretending to be his own daughter) Read yourself, these 2 comments below, from today (20 June 2019) show exactly what Chapman’s ex wife, the courts and others confirm… good old Col coaches his children and brainwashes them. It’s in the police and social services reports how he manipulates his daughters, as he alienates them from their mother. Parental Child Abuse in the making. Completely alienated against the mother. Why would a young child leave comments in a disgraceful tone on our blog? Very interesting indeed. This child seems to speak exactly what her paedophile father speaks, with the same mouth of a fowl rat. You seem to have mistaken Lebanon darling with Singapore… but hey, you’re telling the story so we will let it be. Very charming and intelligent child (not)….. ‘there it is folks’ ‘u wanted the tea’ ‘go suck a dick’

She confesses that her father and the named paedophiles are in fact pardophiles. She wants us to leave the paedophiles alone and let them keep sexually abusing children. No sweetheart we will do better than deleting your comments, we’ll add them to your paedophile fathers blog. Well done. And Look out… she’s gonna tell her class mates on us. We won’t be able to sleep in fear now her class mates know her dads secret is out.

The evidence is everywhere on this scumbag, but journalists do zero due diligence. Look below, even a third party who rented a room in the same house as Chapman, his partner and children. This tenant even made a report to police suspicious of Chapman’s unusual behaviour in the bathroom with his girls.

Chapman is a master manipulator and will hang you by the neck if his ship is going down, as he has done to countless parents including the one and only person to ever work for him. He will travel to the country if you are lucky, but he will tell you it’s too hard to recover your child or state he cannot find them, while he is in a taxi on his way to the airport to go home, leaving you stranded. Many parents and ex college are more than happy to confirm this frauds tactics. He desperately tries to get into any media publication, just so he can use that in the future to promote himself. Just look at his Facebook page, full of old untrue publications that only he promotes, then bans anyone who questions his posts. He takes pictures at random airports with people in the background, then promotes himself as being there for a recovery. The truth is, he will never be arrested or in trouble with foreign authorities, because he never leaves the safety of his rental house in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He does not do recoveries, but will do his best to manipulate a journalist, who will believe his rubbish and write about him.

This is the man who sabotaged our Lebanon recovery after he lost the job, due to the mother being suspicious of him. In retaliation when we recovered the two children and had them safe in a safe house ready for extraction by boat, and after it was in the Lebanese media, Chapman emailed directly to the father to look for CARI operatives. We have these emails he sent including undisputed evidence showing his sabotage. This fraud wouldn’t even venture to Lebanon, let alone try and succeed to remove kidnapped children out of a Hezzbolah strong hold area…. well we did it successfully.

Chapman is named in the Lebanese court indictment, but as below from lawyer Joe Karam, he got away with his bullshit by being a rat informer to Lebanon police. More evidence of his dirty hands being involved in sabotaging our recovery.

We have dozens and dozens of messages and information connecting Colin Chapman to the sabotage of Sally Faulkner’s recovery. All going in the book.
Chapman was doing his very best to try and keep our CEO in prison! Dirty rat.

– The recovery took place at 2.30pm AEST (7.30am Lebanon time) see the below 2 emails that was sent from Australia by Colin Chapman to Ali Elimane (kidnapping father) the first at 5.35pm AEST (10.35am Lebanon time) a mere 3 hours after the recovery, approximately 4 hours before our CEO’s arrest (around 2.30pm Lebanon time) AND approximately 15 hours before the news of our arrest broke in Australia. You can clearly see in black and white below in the email chain from CARI’s source to a CARI operative (while our CEO was still being detained) a “competitor” was solely responsible for the tip off.

He then went on his usual media campaign including selling text messages to Australia media to gain money at the mothers expense. In 2016 our legal team successfully removed approximately 26 news, radio and TV interviews offline all of which used this scumbag as their source for defamation and slander. This scumbag paedophile is also in the top 5 of worst ever conman. He should not be allowed near children and if you seen the police reports of his abuse including Domestic Violence Orders (Below) against him by courts from two different partners and sexual abuse to children you would understand why.

The list of things Colin Chapman has done to people is beyond belief. He is under investigation by the AFP Australian Federal Police in relation to Layla Leisha’s sexual abuse case, where he worked for free for the paedophile parent trying to return Layla to the, now we know a paedophile ring.

Lies are a common pattern with Chapman and has been throughout his life, as his own father George Chapman will happily confirm. In a New Zealand article dated 21 January 2017, where he states on record, “Chapman says he served in the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, before becoming a private investigator.” (also a federal offence to state) Chapman has never served in the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. He claims to have 30 odd jobs going on at one time. This is absolutely absurd to even state, let alone some dumb journalist to print it without any due diligence on this fraud. He recovers 20 children a year!!! This guy is off his head. He can not prove or show one recovery he does, except get his name in a story claiming to recover. Not one shred of evidence to support any recovery.

Chapman claims he was abducted from the UK, speak to George Chapman, he will tell you a completely different story then what Col Chapman tells media and parents. George Chapman contacted CARI in discussed to what his own son tells people and the media.

Thanks for your honesty and support George Chapman

We have an hour long audio tape recording of everything George confirms is a lie. Col Chapman states that his daughter was abducted!!!! Read the Queensland court orders and speak to the school teacher and his ex wife, it was Col Chapman who took his daughter from the school, and refused to return the child to the mother, sending her text messages. It’s all there on text messages, him refusing to return the child. Lawyers for his ex wife applied to a Federal Circuit court in an urgent application (see below) about good old Col withholding the child from the mother illegally. Abducting his own child!!!!! Fucking hypocrite

There is no limit to Colin Chapman’s lies. This below is part of the rubbish article, where he clearly states all the above lies in public.

Absolute FRAUD and compulsive liar!!

After being exposed for who he really is #ColChapmanChildRecovery creates what he’s best at, another Facebook hate page (see below) and uses it to desperately try and give himself credibility, by posting about himself then liking it with his other pathetic pages, but too late #ColChapmanChildRecovery expert, your dirty disgusting secrets you have hidden for years are all out.

Chapman’s hate page he hides behind.

Well as of 28 August authorities have closed yet another of your coward hate pages. See below Exorcisms and Revelations aka keyboard cowards is down. Second hate page created by #colinchapmanchildrecovery in as many months. Business slow after everyone knows you sexually assaulted your daughters in the shower?

Everything written and stated in all blogs about Col Colin Chapman is correct and the truth, with everything being able to be supported with evidence and witnesses.

This is not defamation, this is a true and accurate account of who Colin Chapman really is. He should not be allowed near children or the media. The day I stop exposing this maggot will be the day he is locked up for life for all his crimes.

#ColinChapman #ColChapman #ChapmanColin #YouAreAFuckWit #Paedophile #WomanBasher #ChildAbuser #Exposed #ColChapmanChildRecoveryAustralia #ColinChapmanSexuallyAbusesHisDaughtersInShowerAndTellsThemToBeQuiet #childrecoverychapman


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