Destitute Dad aka Andy Gough

For the last month or so, I’ve been absolutely inundated with messages from women and men about a particular hate page called ‘Anti Corruption, Exposing Frauds, Scammers, General’ which WAS run by this unemployed, troll, scumbag paedophile supporter, ‘Anna Helen Kalenuik,’ (not real name…. now as of 15 August we know is Anna Beaton) who right about now, would be in the fetal position in the corner of her lonely room, having withdrawal symptoms. It’s not the first time I’ve come across this type of psychopath keyboard warrior, someone that the likes of coward paedophile fraud #ColinChapman uses to do his dirty work online. She has multiple hate pages she uses to stalk, harass and bully so many people, for such a long time, especially vulnerable woman. The pathetic hate pages, are only ever liked by herself, Colin Chapman, Pat Desmond and Destitute Dad aka Andy Gough….. no surprises there! 👍 Muppet show episode 50. We urge any and all victims of the hate pages to contact authorities. Screen shot all and don’t reply. We are in the process of finding out everything on this lonely Eastern Europe (if she is) piece of shit, and when we do we will show all, including the cowards picture. Stay tuned…

UPDATE 28 July 2019, Besides this scumbag online troll keep checking this blog every day for updates we now have confirmation. WE GOT HER 😊 We know who she really is and everything about her. I love my Russian mates…. Let’s see who she chats with on emails, WhatsApp and her phone.

Guess who this stunner is? You like posting all your victims pictures online attacking them with propaganda, fabricated and malicious comment, let’s see how you like it the truth out there.

Say hello to Anna Beaton
This is her poor husband Robbie Beaton, who obviously doesn’t know who his wife really is.

Anna Beaton’s husband is the publican of Doyle’s Bridge Hotel in Mordialloc Victoria, Australia … his name is Robbie Beaton. I bet Robbie has no idea the double life his troll wife lives. Does Robbie know his wife is very well connected and associated with numerous paedophiles? He soon will as will all staff and customers.

I’ve seen some trolls before but this one tops them all. The psychotic horse shit that she posts online is so amusing one of my guys almost pissed his pants laughing. The emotional hurt and stress ‘IT’ has caused along with her paedophile admins, (#colinchapman #patdesmond #andygough ) is beyond belief. So many mothers have been attacked by this ‘IT’ and her admins. The good news is there is a police investigation underway for the online crimes she and her muppets have broken.

What do online trolls hate the most… being exposed for the world to see who they really are. All about time and patience. This troll loves to hide cowardly behind Facebook profiles such as Exorcisms and Revelations, Anna Helen Kalenuik and previously a Facebook page called Exposing Scammers and frauds (which was shut down due to her defaming innocent people) Turns out Anna Beaton is the biggest scammer and fraud of all. The amount of victims this troll attacks is simply unbelievable. The propaganda, lies and diarrhoea that she posts is nothing short of a serial psychopath. She promotes and protects known paedophiles like Colin Chapman who also runs the page Exorcisms and Revelations. ***Update 28 August… *** for the second time in a few months authorities have taken down their second hate page. Only takes time people, nothing more. Many are slightly disappointed as the page was more amusing than anything. No one paid attention or believed anything on it. But well done #fraudchapman for trying. Everything documented and will be used.

We really hope you stop embarrassing your friends and family with your non-sense. Do they know who YOU really are Anna Beaton?! They will very soon.


So much more on the way. Next form of action the defamation lawsuit. This is going to be our biggest lawsuit to date, and we will make sure she is in court. Each day she diggs her whole deeper and thinks she can hide behind a Facebook page. Wrong! Soon your face, your partners face and your business will be all over the Internet with what you are really like. You having no money means nothing scumbag. You’re finished with all your attacks on people and organisations. If you think I’m one who will back down and allow your attacks on good people and organisations you are very mistaken. You just wouldn’t leave people alone.

Patience now people…. patience. The list now contains 59 Individuals and 19 groups/ charities. A total of 78 targeted identities so far by AHK aka Anna Beaton. Watch her puppet masters run when this goes live. Let’s see if your family will be happy about your secret online life. Will they be happy the family business will fund your court fees and compensation, you’ll no doubt be needing to pay all your victims. Will your puppet masters #colinchapman #patdesmond and the others help fund your legal fees? Will your business suffer once all your customers know who and what the manager does to people online.

Now using this profile picture after exposed ⬇️

This mentally ill keyboard warrior bent over backwards and spat out anything the paedophiles I exposed, would tell her to write. The web is closing with open investigations by ACORN and Victoria police into the online hate pages and the connections between the individual trolls running it. That’s what she does, protect and promotes those who rape children as good citizens. Anna, or pea brain as we call her, loves to protect men who beat woman and sexually abuse their children, it’s as simple as that. The same shit bags use pea brain because they are to coward to post anything from their own pages. It’s like a win win for them both. If you’re looking for a good laugh take a look at her private account (pictured above) she only talks to her best friend… herself. No one gives a fuck about this complete loony nutcase.

#AnnaHelenKalenuik ( #annabeatontroll ) along with known paedophiles, have continuously stalked, harassed, threatened and bullied so many people over the years, in particular good mothers who have and are protecting their sexually abused kids from the named paedophiles. It’s honestly disgusting to watch the blatant attacks on woman who have done nothing wrong, but protect their kids. They hate anyone standing up to them and act like little babies on their Facebook pages, hence they love me but the tied has changed and all your victims are joining. You can only hide so long scumbags.

Well, their little private chat group will be working over time this morning as their life line, ‘Anti Corruption, Exposing Frauds, bla bla page…. has been taken down offline. But wait since that, surprise surprise the fruit loop has started this new hate page, ‘ Exorcisms and Revelations’ … don’t worry if you are one of her multiple victims, it won’t be up too long.

The above lony, Anna Beaton, does have countless other pages that she shares her amusing posts too, that again only she seems interested in. You paedophile fathers #ColinChapman #AndyGough #HowardFurner #MichaelWatters really know how to pick your supporters. 10/10 for Anna Beaton aka Anna Helen Kalenuik AHK 👍👍👍

You need to thank your Domestic abusing and child sexual abusing friends Anna… you have a very very large lawsuit underway… one that you haven’t got a leg to stand on, with so many of your victims now joined to get justice. Will your scumbag abusing friends help you financially Anna, after we finish you in the court?

In life it’s all about who you know. Thank you to my ex colleagues in certain places, who assisted to finally having the hate page closed bringing peace to many woman.

I would like to draw your attention however to one fake page, which is continually fooling good fathers, into believing he is a victim and a destitute dad. He is absolutely nothing of the sort, he lost custody of his child, now he’s on the victim role. Do not donate to his scamming go fund account. He uses honest, and good fathers money to pay his legal fees.

Facebook page ‘Destitute Dad’ everyone, is run by Andy Gough, the failed ex Greens Parliament member who thinks it’s fun to stalks, harasses and threatens vulnerable women with his multiple fake FB profiles. He supports men who beat their partners and wives. I have a full list of all the fake profiles he uses and honestly he is a complete lonely nutcase of a looser. Remember in my last video… yep that’s Andy Gough, aka ‘Destitute Dad’ aka Rae Aun-Schein (closed after he got exposed in my video) aka coward.

Now, this failed attempt of a politician Andy Gough, along with his little online, coward paedo gang #ColinChapman #HowardFurner #MichaelWatter #HaydenQuabba continue to wage their online fb war against females, using Destitute Dad fb page to spit out their misogyny bullshit views. As anyone who knows me knows, I’m a big believer in Consistency and Persistence!

I’ve said it previously, ladies and anyone who’s a victim to these online child abusing parasites, record everything, keep it for a rainy day, and then ignore them. Lowlife cowards like these individuals have no lives, so they need to in bed themselves in others lives. The reason why they want to fight against you, is because you invalidate their existence, by courageously forging your own path, you are causing them to reflect on their own lives and decisions. If on some level they realise that they have followed the crowd and made no unique decisions on their own, they will feel a sense of resentment, which they will project onto you. Although it’s not nice to be on the receiving end of their games, the issue lies with them, not you. Everyone with a heart will experience social unease at some point, and you are certainly not alone facing this problem. No one should dictate your own life, but you.

The old saying the truth hurts! Always stand up for what you believe in, regardless of any backlash or what haters say. Move forward and always, always stand up for children 👍 and this is the last time I post about parasites like this. Ignore them ladies.

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#ColinChapman #AndyGough #MichaelWatter #HowardFurner #HaydenQuabba paedophile ring all supporting each other, using psychopath online troll #annabeaton stalking woman like fucking cowards.

#AnnaHelenKalenuik # annabeaton


  1. Hi Adam, just a quick note, while sussing out some of these fake profiles in the past, I have seen groups where yes they only comment on their own post.. I have viewed FB friend request, while looking at their friends I’ve noticed all their evil looking friends, most have profile picture of the ugly looking shaved simease cat.. Red flag.. Also most of their friend look like paedophiles, I know one when I see one.. I believe this naked evil looking cat profile is thier trademark amongst other pedos.. It seems to be a similar siteing I’ve viewed in the last 3months whilst recovering from injury /surgery…

    1. I totally agree with you! We have seen this profile picture in numerous paedophile sites and one in the DarkWeb. This Anna Helen piece of shit is nothing more than an unemployed, uneducated lonely physio path keyboard warrior.

      We have checked her out thoroughly, she’s nothing but a no life, dirty maggot supporting child abusers and paedophiles. The paedophiles do nothing but use dumb ass people like her for their dirty online work.
      Cheers 👍

  2. Third time lucky.. Forgot to log in first.. Whilst recovering from injury/surgery. I have notice some FB friend request from site’s. Whilst checking out friends list, their friends seem to have similarities in profile pictures, such as shaved ugly cats posing, I believe this is pedos trademark amongst themselves.. Many of the grubs on the list look like pedos, believe me I know one when I see one. Many other similar images on there profile picture.. I’ve cross referenced this on many sites and individual profiles.. There’s an epidemic of these vile evil sick parasites.. Breeding at an alarming rate..

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