The video they don’t want you to see!

Never ever back down, refuse to speak out with the truth or be intimidated by child sexual perpetrators or their trolls. Stand your ground! There’s only one thing child abusers are ever sorry for, being exposed for who they really are. For 6 months these 3 individuals have tried everything to stop their dirty secrets being told. Justice is approaching!

Andrew Gough and Howard Furner doing what they do best, sending letters of harassment and threats to many of their victims last week, threats of suing for defamation if anyone speaks out the truth. My lawyers reply:

They have hidden and imbedded themselves in groups that support their online bullying, from Parental Alienation to Fathers Rights group, just so they can hide the truth of their sexual abuse to their own kids. They have groomed so many individuals to think they are victims of Parental Alienation or the family courts, it’s shocking. Well no more!

I’m going to oust everyone connected to these child abusers and I don’t care who you are or what organisation you are from.

Today a judge agreed with me, and gave the two paedophile fathers a stark warning for their continued vexatious and malicious court applications. Those who sit on their fat ass stating it’s defamation by me exposing these scumbags, you are so far from reality. I’ll stand in any court in any country given a solid defence.

I’ll be posting a new video below explaining exactly what’s happened and the fact that today is a great day for those who constantly speak the truth to expose child sex offenders and for the kids who have no voice.

Howard Furner aka Dumb

Andrew Gough aka Dumb
Colin Chapman aka Dumber

Today was a great day for those who speak out against child abusers. Thank you Andrew Gough and Howard Furner for your very generous $7,000 donation to my charity Project Rescue Children – PRC or should we be thanking the judge who has ordered you to pay 🤷‍♂️

A lesson learnt, or maybe not for these two despicable individuals who like nothing more than to put in vexatious and malicious court applications against many people. Also note Andrew Gough who believes he is a practising lawyer was shut down by the judge today who told him to ,”Stop It” Stop pretending and portraying to others you are a lawyer.

Never have I seen two sad pathetic individuals like these. The judge also closed by mentioning a concern for Howard Furner’s mental state!

We will continue our fight against child sexual abuse, trafficking, slavery and exploitation thanks to you both.

(Warning explicit language and no political correctness) 22 minute video. The video Howard Furner, Andrew Gough & Colin Chapman aka Dumb, Dumb & Dumber don’t want you to see.

Watch the video on link below:

Below are different documents I explain in my video:

Both Furner and Gough’s kids have been awarded large amounts of compensation for the sexual abuse caused by their fathers (Gough & Furner) The NSW victims compensation department base their findings in all cases solely on evidence provided.
Andrew Gough working with Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation
The fake account Andrew Gough used to attack so many woman
The old Rae account now changed to Jimmy used still by Andrew Gough to cause many so much harm
Andrew Gough’s affidavit confessing he is the owner of the fake account Rae aka Jimmy. He had always denied this account was him, until we shared our undisputed evidence to the judge. He had no choice but to admit.

Andrew Gough’s email address he uses to portrays himself as a legal representative.

Every statement can be supported by undisputed evidence. After we exposed the Rae-Jimmy fake account, so many woman had stopped receiving the online abuse from these 3 coward parasites. Always stand up against bullies.

Enjoy your day guys

#HowardFurner #AndrewGough #ColinChapman #DumbDumbDumber

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