Andrew Gough aka Rae Asun-Schein aka Jimmy McGill & associates

Ohhh Gough you big bully you…. as your fake profile picture states..’The Truth Is Out There’ 😊👍 the truth is absolutely out there now you dumb ass.
This (Jimmy McGill) is the fake account Andrew Gough changed names and profile picture from the below ‘Rae Asun-Schein’ account, after he was exposed in May 2019 as Rae Asun-Schein. Even after he admitted in his own affidavit in court to him being the owner and creator of the fake Rae account, he still uses this fake account (now Jimmy McGill) to continue his years of cyber bullying, harassment and stalking to woman (31 Dec 2019)

Rae Asun-Schein- The fake account Andrew Gough used for years to terrorise up to 60 victims, 95% being female
The real Andrew Gough and failed Greens Parliament candidate. A complete psychopath, paedophile, coward, misogynist, looser, dumb, vexatious litigant, child abuser, scumbag. #andrewgough Andrew Gough’s daughter has been awarded a large amount of compensation from NSW Justice Victims Services for her sexual abuse.
Andrew Gough’s affidavit with his signature on the left, part of his vexatious and malicious AVPO application, which was immediately rejected by a judge on 19 December 2019 in Lizmore, NSW. The Judge ordered Gough and his paedophile best mate and co applicant, Howard Furner to pay me $7,000 in costs and for wasting the courts time. We have no doubt dumb and dumber won’t pay, and I hope they don’t so we can initiate debt collectors.

Update (25 March : Dumb & Dumber have to the amusement of others, stupidly appealed the judges costs order, after debt collectors knocked on their doors. The judge knew they would hence the judges very clear instructions and advice to these two parasites. No one has ever stood up to these two scumbags, which they hate. My legal representative will fight their stupid appeal on 27 April, and make sure more costs are added onto their already 7,000 debt.)

As my lawyer states below in her summary, it was very comical listening to dumb and dumber, especially their questioning of me. Absolutely have no idea these two muppets.
Please see my lawyers summary letter of court proceedings ⬇️
Destitute Dad Facebook Page – created and run solely by Andrew Gough *ONLY* He writes on his page as if there are other members running the page. Only 1 team member you unintelligent idiot. Gough uses this page solely to attack woman, spread his obsessive hatred towards females, in particular his ex wife and mother in law and those who speak out against him. Gough is best mates with Howard Furner whose ex partner is with Dr Russell Prigdeon, the man arrested for helping mothers in Australia avoid their kids being future raped and sexually abused by their paedophile fathers. Howard Furner being one. This is the sole reason why Gough attacks Furner’s ex partner and Dr Prigdeon so often. Gough and Colin Chapman put out propaganda online to hide the fact they are part of the paedophile network Dr Prigdeon tried to stop abusing kids.

Gough was also pulled up by the judge on the 19th December, in relation to Gough proclaiming to be a lawyer. Gough tricks people into believing he has a law degree and scams money from them for his legal services. People, this muppet is NOT lawyer, nor does he have a law degree. He is a fraud pretending he is. Gough is being reported to the NSW Bar Association, as he is clearly unfit to hold any legal licence he may try to get in future. The judge told him to “Stop It”, you are not a lawyer. Gough will also soon lose his JP (Justice of Peace) title. He has violated numerous code of conducts JP’s must adhere to.

It’s scum like Gough who encourages the war against males and females for no legitimate reason besides being exposed as a complete scumbag child abuser. A laugh of a page (destitute dad) that he also uses to trick good fathers into donating to his fake Go Fund account calling it, POOKIE NEEDS HER DADDY!!! …. absolute filth! He has scammed good fathers into donating just over $2,000 for his personal use.
Here Gough is again using his fake Jimmy McGill account on 13 February 2020, 2 months after his bullshit court application. Below screenshot shows him replying to good fathers on his pathetic female hate page ‘Destitute Dad’ using Jimmy McGill….. Psychopath narcissistic!
Paedophile, ‘convicted’ thief, ‘convicted’ fraud, ‘convicted’ Domestic Violence (beating his ex wife and current partner), and countless domestic violence protection orders issued by Brisbane Court against him by different ex partners – Colin Chapman, uses his fake child recovery image and page to sexually abuse children. An absolutely despicable human. Did you sexually abuse Layla Leisha?? There are countless records showing he works for free to find children including Layla Leisha’s mother who subjected Layla to years of sexual abuse by a group of paedophile men. Chapman works in order to illegally return children to paedophile parents. #colinchapman
Who really is Colin Chapman? Read this detailed factual blog. It will give you an indication of who he really is
ONE of many fake profiles Colin Chapman uses to attack, harass, stalk, threaten, bully, terrorise and create propaganda
Colin Chapman doing what he does best (besides sexually abusing his daughters) spreading malicious propaganda. A true champion of creating and spreading propaganda. A sad old pensioner who lives on his FB page and keyboard.
Colin Chapman & Andrew Gough hiding behind his facebook Jimmy account. NO, Big Col, the media have not investigated you 3 paedophiles. Not only are you good at sexually abusing your daughters and hiding this dirty secret for years, you are also a champion at stalking and harassing people online. That’s ok pensioner Col, my police and military records clearly show you are a liar. Chapman is always in the background like the coward cockroach he is, assisting or guiding paedophiles like he did in the above malicious AVPO. Supplying dumb and dumber ridiculous (in relation to Chapman) information, as the judge said to Furner, “your source (chapman) is not a reliable one.” Soon I’ll post court transcript of audio showing Furner confirms he got documents from pea brain Col.

How long did you serve in the Australian Secret Intelligence Services?? You fraud! It’s a federal offence to state you worked for ASIS when you didn’t. We are waiting on ASIS reply.
Below is a news article from NZ where the journalist Ben Hill, did zero due diligence on fraud Col and basically wrote any horse dribble that old man Col spat out his dirty mouth. Pensioner Col told Ben Hill he served in ASIS. There it is in black and white ladies and gentlemen. ⬇️
Colin Chapman without doubt sexually abused his 2 daughters in the shower multiple times, teaching his daughters how to clean their private parts with his penis. It’s in the police report as described by the girls.
Read below ⬇️ Two independent witnesses who rented a room in the same house from Chapman, also expressed grave concerns about Chapman’s bathroom activities with his daughters including, strange behaviour towards manipulating his daughters against their mother, his marijuana addiction and growing drugs in house.
Colin Chapmans sexual abuse in the shower sessions lasted an hour long as described by the daughters to police. Chapman then lectures his daughters up to 3 hours demanding Saria (oldest daughter) that she is not to tell anyone what they are discussing/doing. As written in police report above ⬆️ as described by the daughters. Read yourself above undisputed evidence.
Police records and evidence shows the information recorded in the child protection history indicates that there have been significant concerns that Colin Chapman has physically abused the child Saria….⬆️
An independent witness who rented a room in the house of Colin Chapman made a statement to police with numerous concerns including SEXUAL INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR with his girls. Verbal humiliation, domestic violence, relentless browbeating, child neglect, psychological abuse and chronic drug use are just some of Colin Chapman’s true traits. Read above yourself ⬆️
Colin Chapman has numerous domestic violence orders made against him by 2 different woman. Judges agreed after seeing evidence of serious assault on the same woman.
Howard Furner who sexually abused his son for years. Furner is one of the most vile peadophiles out there. NSW Victims compensation department awarded his son thousands of dollars in compensation for the sexual and mental abuse he received from his father after Victims compensation saw and evaluated all the evidence. See below actual report #howardfurner

So you all understand the connection and why you will see lots of propaganda online by Chapman and Gough (destitute dad page). Dr Russell Pridgeon, the good man arrested for trying to save kids from their paedophile fathers, is partners with Howard Furner’s ex partner and mother to Furner’s child (the child Furner sexually abused). Now that should put context into place as to why Andrew Gough and Colin Chapman continue to attack Dr Russell online with hate speech and complete propaganda. Gaslighting at its very best! In order to discredit Dr Russell protecting kids from them and their paedophile network.

On the 19 December when the judge ordered Furner to pay $7,000 in costs the judge also expressed her concerns for Furner’s mental well-being. I have a full audio recording of the court hearing and honestly Gough and Furner are two of the biggest muppets on this planet. Furner remember there’s no time limit on your son reporting you to police. You will be arrested and you will be found guilty of sexual abuse!

Domestic violence orders against him.

And the countless documents in support of Howard Furner’s own son reporting him for sexual and mental abuse

Howard Furner also has confessed on record in Lismore Federal Circuit Court December 2018, to being a police informer to both Detective David Miles in the Child Protection Unit in Townsville Queensland and Darren Williamson from the Australian Federal Police. Wait for it …. BOTH Miles and Williamson are lead investigators into the Watters Twins child abuse case (Operation Noetic) where they are both going after guess who??? Dr Prigdeon who was partners with their informer Furner’s, Ex partner!!!

The evidence speaks for itself when it comes to these three child abusers. The Commissioner of NSW Victim Support was more than happy with the clear evidence of sexual and mental abuse by Furner to his son. Read her letter above ⬆️ Read

Then there are those who support child abusers and those convicted of domestic violence against woman, like this dumb individual below Jasmin Newman, who thinks she’s some kind of expert in child abduction. A fool who numerous individuals will vouch against as being a supporter of all three paedophiles above. She tries to preach against Domestic Violence BUT supports men who have Domestic Violence court orders against them!!

Jasmin Newman a complete nobody in this industry who supports paedophiles and those convicted of domestic violence against woman. She’s proclaiming to be a child abduction expert by writing a book to earn money off parents heartache stories, including the Dr Russell case, which apparently she did not give a right to reply to Dr Russell or anyone involved besides her paedophile mates Gough, Furner and Chapo. Very interesting as many outsiders are saying. Let’s hope for her sake, everything in her book is 100 percent accurate and truthful…! The only promoter of her money hungry book is Andy Gough! Says it all really.

Not one ounce of experience, but proclaims to be an expert in relationships, after doing some certification from a Cornflakes Cereal box. She then creates a website trying to sell some ridiculous online course teaching parents about relationships with zero experience or qualifications and all for $147 AUD. Another fraud connected to ‘convicted’ fraud Chapman. She’s forcing the book down peoples faces as she comments over Facebook pages ending with, “did you buy my book.” She’s connected closely with Gough, Furner and Chapman, hence in her book apparently she writes her thoughts on the Dr Russell case supporting the paedophile fathers, but then tells people they should make their own minds up about that case! Newman is desperate to gain some sort of fame as she goes on the attack of woman protecting their children from known paedophiles. Just read her comments and posts and see what side she bats for. Clearly she’s been steered heavily by making such biased comments on social media in such a big case in the media spotlight, another ambulance chaser…. trying obviously to gain some sort of attention to herself while having paedophiles promote her book. The propaganda king Chapman, is teaching her well. I’d strongly advise against wasting your money on her book or her online scam of a course. No doubt she’ll sell as many copies of her book as big Col sold his scamming peadophile book….. zero. Don’t worry old Col, you are a main character in my book soon to be released. You’re desperate for fame… you’ll be getting it, but not exactly how you’ll want it. You’ll also be featuring in my future book on the war against paedophiles. I’ll try and hurry up, I don’t want you passing away due to old age without reading my books.

Most don’t know but for 6 months behind the scenes I’ve had these 3 paedophile fathers do everything to keep me speaking the truth. On the 19th December 2019, I appeared by video link from Russia to a NSW court. As a result of the courts decision, those truths will continue and innocent kids voices will continue to be heard through me. Of course after the judge smashed these two paedophiles, Gough needed to post something on his Destitute Dad Fb page, in order to spin more bullshit. Soon I’ll post the full audio so everyone can hear the truth and listen to just how dumb these two are.

For years the individuals I exposed in my video pinned to the top of my Facebook page, this one ➡️ ( ) have harassed, stalked, threatened, traumatised, bullied, intimidated countless individuals, especially woman with online fake accounts. They have always gotten away with their despicable actions. I’ve seen some shit, but the actions of these above child abusers is beyond me.

They seem to think I give a toss about them posting I was arrested in Lebanon or Singapore helping kids. 👏👏👏 Please tell the world something they don’t know! Or thinking I care that they have befriended my alienating ex wife, who thanks to their posts, have helped her soon lose custody of our children due to horrific alienation and associating with paedophiles. Well done 👍 and thank you 👏

Andrew Gough, Colin Chapman and Howard Furner have hidden and imbedded themselves in groups that support their online bullying, from Parental Alienation to Fathers Rights group, just so they can hide the truth of their sexual abuse to their own kids. They have groomed so many individuals to think they are victims of Parental Alienation or the family courts, it’s shocking.

Well no more!

I’m going to oust everyone connected to these child abusers and I don’t care who you are or what organisation you are from.

On the 19 December a judge agreed with me, and gave the two paedophile fathers ( Furner and Gough) a stark warning for their continued vexatious and malicious court applications they file against everyone. Those who sit on their fat ass stating it’s defamation by me exposing these scumbags, you are so far from reality. I’ll stand in any court in any country given a solid defence, including having victims of their abuse as witnesses.

Update 2 February 2020, debt collectors have been initiated to recover the $7,000 Gough and Furner have not paid even after judge has made an order to pay it. It seems Gough is in a lot of debt with everyday living, including thousands of dollars in debt for body corporate fees. It seems a common thing having debt collectors knocking at Gough’s front door.

Update 11 March 2020, dumb and dumber have proven just that again. This time trying to appeal the judges decision on court costs ($7,000) Of course we knew that. Legal team will defend their bogus frivolous appeal. Even the Judge knew they would appeal due to who they are, that’s why the judge made it very clear stating exact laws for the decisions. Watch this space as we will be adding more coats 👍 You can run peadophiles but you will not hide anymore behind your fake profiles. Hey, I know, why don’t you get your bum buddy woman hater from Australian Brotherhood of Fathers to pay for you. Isn’t that what you boasted about Furner to your ex! I wonder what all the good fathers would say who don’t know their donations to ABF are funding you 2 paedophiles.

As usual if not using his multiple fake Facebook profiles, attacking woman, coward Gough employees online trolls to send and post messages over social media including on my page. This below is the latest of Gough’s trashy little online trolls. Great evidence of his continued harassment and stalking. More in the bag for lawsuits coming up for our vexatious application to NSW courts. Good luck numb nuts.

The only defence these 3 child abusers can use is, everything is a lie! Of course it is you scumbags. Everyone and everything people state against you 3 is false!!! It’s how you keep your kids quiet. Furner your son is old enough now and I promise you he will speak about what you did to him. Well now all you’re abuse towards woman and others has backfired… karma it’s called. When the truth smacks you in the face. We suggest you hand yourselves into police, make a public apology to all those you have abused online, and apologise to the children you have sexually abused.

My new video below explaining exactly what’s happened and the fact that on the 19 December 2019 was a great day for those who constantly speak the truth to expose child sex offenders and for the kids who have no voice. Watch my video here and share to as many as you can. These paedophiles hide on the fact no one speaks out the truth. ⬇️⬇️ video below

Soon my new Podcast will be live and I’ll be discussing these 3 child abusers in details and so much more with victims and others. Stay tuned Gough, Furner and pensioner Col. Remember there is no date of expiration for child abusers. Justice!

#colinchapman #howardfurner #andrewgouch #onlinebullies #paedophiles #stalkers #justiceiscoming

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