Andrew (Andy) Gough aka Rae Asun-Schein aka Jimmy McGill & associates

Sometimes in life you need to stick up for vulnerable people in the world. Sometimes in life the only way someone will learn is to smack them right back in the face where it hurts. For every female, man and child victim of this online troll of a douche bag, and believe me the list of victims is like I’ve never seen before, this blog is for you. I’m extremely happy, that after posting this blog the no chin paedophile troll is concentrating his attacks on me and not so much now on his dozens of online, mostly female victims. He will attack any man also only online, never in person, who supports abused woman.

In all my years of dealing with scumbags in investigations, kidnappings, child sexual abuse and child rape, I have never come across such a complete and utter fuckwit like this trolling germ, Andrew Gough. I’m not a psychologist (as one of the below fraud associates tells people) but I have no doubts that Gough has a mental instability inside his small pea brain. When you look up troll in the dictionary, you’ll find Andy Gough there.

Here is a little insight into troll Andy Gough’s real life:

This peanut and those like him, including his right hand peanut, Colin Chapman, are the reason why there is so much hate towards fathers and mothers after separation. They have been fuelling the gender war for years online, using their many fake social media accounts, jumping on groups and starting online fights. Keep an eye out for them on FB pages, I’ll bet you $1000 you’ll see them stirring trouble.

“Adam bless you from the bottom of my heart. Andrew Gough has put me through years of stress and suicidal thoughts. I prey his time will come for the incomprehensible acts he has caused myself and so many more. Since you started speaking out he has stopped. Thank you Adam for giving me my life back 💖 Don’t you ever stop doing what you do for children”

Am I picking on this online bully? Absolutely Yes. Do I care? Absolutely not. If anyone saw the amount of terror this asshole has caused so many good people, you’ll understand. If you don’t, you clearly haven’t seen what he has done, or you have your head up this parasites ass. As this blog receives a lot of messages in support, and if you are another victim, can I kindly ask to report him and his trolls on this link:
ACORN are very experienced in dealing with online shit bags like #andrewgough and his side kick #colinchapman There are countless police reports with these two as suspects in online cyber bullying.

Front office police do not take it serious, report direct to ACORN. You’ll get an experienced officer in CyberCrime as many victims below have.

Right, a little background: I first heard the name Andrew (Andy) Gough, at an event in Australia in 2019. I met some very good people, both male and female, fighting for children’s rights. Two names just kept popping up by everyone who was there, Andy Gough and Colin Chapman. I listened to countless horrible story’s of abuse, harassment, stalking, bullying, threats and intimidation. I met in person, spoke and listened to a teenage boy, telling me of the sexually and mentally abuse he had to endure for years, by his own father, Howard Furner. Another name dominating conversations.

I was literally sick at the stories everyone was telling me, both men and women who I met. I knew someone needed to help them all. After the event I received 27 emails and messages with so much evidence from victims, asking if I could help stop the abuse by Gough….. That’s the background of how I came across this despicable piece of horse shit.

I can tell you, fortunately his menacing behaviour towards many of his victims has seized or slowed drastically, after this blog and me exposing the parasite. Instead, he concentrates his online attacks towards me, with hate pages and all other types of shit that coward people with no lives do, from behind their keyboards.

I encourage everyone to share so we can put a stop to this despicable grommet. Thank you to those who inform me of his activities, as I’m simply too busy with more important things to concern myself with, then this low life. You see, no one has ever stood up to these parasites, and those who tried, only gave up due to the savage online attacks. Not me, boys… I’ll never stop exposing you. Play the victims now you’re exposed, all your want, doesn’t work.

Ohhh Gough you big bully you…. as one of your many fake profile picture below states..’The Truth Is Out There’ the truth is absolutely out there now you dumb ass. But wait… Goughy takes every point I say as a learning curve. Well let’s see how you like it being exposed. It’s OK Goughy, discrediting everything that people expose about you, is a nice tactic, but not good enough, you propaganda queen. You have many people wanting you held accountable for your years of online terror. You getting your buddy journalists to write one sided stories to make you look good, will still not cut it Goughy. You need attention, praising, fb likes, and comments to fuel your ego.

No one has ever stood up to you have they Goughy? I’m hearing you were a big bully at school and not very liked. You live two separate lives, the one you TRY to portray in the community and on local dumb ass news articles and then you real secret online world inside your shed behind your keyboard. A world of absolute hate and obsessiveness towards anyone who steps a foot out of your domain.

Not surprised at all after seeing hundreds of messages you have sent to people. Is this why you have multiple personality disorder and use fake accounts, which you actually talk to yourself on?

It’s very amusing to hear since this maggot was exposed his pathetic attempt to revive himself using his laughable page Destitute Dad, he now starts promoting against child sexual abuse. No Goughy, don’t throw up a smoke screen to hide who you really are. But nice try! Still I hear no one is interested in your female hating page and taking a look at the few half wit inbreeds who do comment, it’s true, you are very hated.
I know what you do, you use that page to sucker in real fathers suffering child custody matters, then stir them with posts to hate woman. It’s very obvious dickhead.

I heard also, EMMM’s Amanda Sillars did a runner on you after your dirty truths of abuse, Domestic Voilence, harassment, stalking, bullying etc etc got exposed. Or is it true Amanda is a good friend, who preaches PA, but supports abusive parents like you? 🤷‍♂️ Does Amanda and EMMM support abusive parents who use fake social media accounts to harass, stalk and bully woman?

Why are you not associated with EMMM anymore? Or are you? Why did Amanda Sillars deny in a message you were associated to EMMM? Something is very fishy El Goughy. Just as fishy is the fact that there is proof to link EMMM to the notorious convicted fraud and child abuser Colin Chapman.
A few legitimate questions numerous people are asking Goughy. No harm right? Everyone now knows the type of parasite you are, and for me that’s a great thing for all your victims.

You are a fine specimen of … well, I don’t know what really. I’m guessing with the amount of messages I receive about your online antics, it’s no wonder why this blogs statistics skyrocket when you’re a little bored at home. How many times a day do you, El Chapo and Desmond read my blogs? I mean you are on my social media pages more then I am.

Have you parasites thought about taking up a hobby like pensioners do, maybe lawn bowls, instead of bullying and harassing woman? Or start a pensioner club, for those who suffer from multiple personality disorder, better known as psychotic douchebags who have no lives. It will keep you away from child images. Looks like you need to get off your computer attacking woman 24/7 and masturbating over child images and get yourself to the gym. Where’s your chin?

I’ll give you zero credits for your new Facebook hate page. Really! A FB hate page! Shows the level your IQ is at. Not had a hate page for a while, so nice to see you’re a little upset. Now a blog using the same horse shit Colin fraud paedophile Chapman has used for many years, but keep trying Gough.

I believe the creator of the last parasite’s hate page is now bankrupt and had to legally change his name, due to being exposed. I do feel honoured though, that such a fine gentleman as yourself Gough, thinks of me everyday. Waking up with me on your mind, is a good thing right. Must be what keeps your unhealthy obsession of me ticking over. Not very smart, you failed want to be politician bovine. Gough is like a little child, dangle a piece of candy in front of him and he jumps. Exactly is his online antics 😉

I love these hate pages. Gough creates pages and then hides them before making them live again, like a little immature kid. Just keep the hate pages live you fucking moron. It shows the world the mentality of sad, disturbed individuals. Remember again, this guy tried to become a politician!!! Gough created his hate page on 22 April 2020. I admire your photoshop artwork by the way. I’ll let you have some fun for a while Goughy. There’s a good reason I’ll let you. I’m very happy you are concentrating on me, not child images.

Many in your local community are very supportive of this blog. No doubt you have enlisted the usual muppet show characters to help you with your excitement of a new Skippy hate page. Ex wives, girlfriends, ambulance chasers, dogs, cats, and of course the one and only rat, El Chapo. You boys really need to get outside for some fresh air. The quarantine in Australia must really be affecting you or exciting you. I’d love to get into your computers to see what images you have! But wait, have we already? Let’s see, I think I know a few who can help me with that.

Hey, I just remembered, didn’t the judge in December 2019, already warn you about your problems with prolific posting about me? Now, using pictures of my boys and pictures of my lawyers child, attacking my lawyer. I’m not sure that your pea brain is able to understand basic instructions.

As you are not the brightest spark Gough, I’ll give you some tips to help you along your merry journey.

Tip: Post things more original and not so boring. Is that it, that’s all you have. Not impressed at all. I’ve seen better hate pages Gough. You are running out of old boring news articles that no one cares about. Imagination Goughy.

Tip: Post things your other muppet friends haven’t tried in the past and failed with.
Tip: Stop using Chapman’s boring defamatory junk file he has on me, which has failed him for years and only gotten that old skinny baboon into trouble with lawyers. Again, use your own imagination Goughy.

I know it’s difficult for someone who has no life, lost your child after a judge ordered ZERO contact, pretends to be a lawyer and well, is just blatantly dumb. But it’s OK… you should ask Chapo, Kalmus and Donya how I deal with online bullies like you…

Chapo is gonna have you in trouble soon Goughy, with all his defamatory files he’s giving you to post. Never trust a rat. No VPN will protect you and your IP, that I promise.

So back to his trolling addiction. This (Jimmy McGill) is the fake account Andrew Gough changed names and profile picture from the below ‘Rae Asun-Schein’ account, after he was exposed in May 2019 as Rae Asun-Schein, which Gough used for years attacking and harassing woman.

There are literally hundreds of screenshots from so many different victims showing exactly what Gough does online.
Here is his latest stalking after he lost his appeal in court. Cries like a baby with his fake accounts. He loves to tease and provoke his many victims.

Even after he admitted in his own affidavit in court to him being the owner and creator of the fake Rae account, the dumb ass still uses this fake account (now Jimmy McGill) to continue his years of cyber bullying, harassment and stalking to woman (31 Dec 2019)

Below is little boy Goughy bored in his lonely shed. He is like a little baby (except a baby has more intelligence then this peanut) goes to our pages, presses on things and disappears 🙄
How Gough’s dozens of victims describe him: THE MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIC ABUSER…
💯 true. Thanks for the info victims 👍
This narcissistic ass would sell himself just to get in a newspaper. Seriously, Goughy… that chin buddy. Tip: More time off your keyboard and in the gym.
Only a matter of time Goughy before your years of online terror, finally catch up to you and your sidekick troll accomplices… #patdesmond and #colinchapman

There so many of your victims pushing to have you arrested. You really need prison time. I’d absolutely love to see you behind bars you coward. I’m sure the inmates would love you. To be honest, I don’t have to do anything except give you a taste of your own medicine online. The rest can take care of the legal issues coming your way…
Honestly! 🙄 That chin is still missing. No further comment your honour.

Someone sent me this for a laugh, so I highlighted a couple things with my magic pen. Look at this morons post. Who are you talking to? No one is interested. He even likes his own post with his page and his fake account, as no one else does. Confessed to being Mr Grainger. How many fucking names do you have??? Steven Curry sets him straight, but Goughy doesn’t like Steven’s comment. That’s right Steven, but the journalist who wrote the biased article didn’t speak to the mother or child. Strange that.

WTF! You are an insult to the human race. The narcissistic can’t help himself. How many of these have you tried dickhead. Didn’t the Attorney General even reject your last submission to overturn the VC compensation… why?

Received dozens of messages today with the latest clown show he is causing online. In typical Goughy fashion, he turns to the same journalist to write up some bullshit article acting the victim. Of course he is suing the VC commissioner, 🙄 just add it to the dozens of bullshit lawsuits you threaten people weekly with and have for years. What, you need a bit of an ego boost? Your morale a little low, you need a boast by more social media likes and comments to support you?

Did the journalist give the mother a right to reply, or is it just the usual one sided storyline from The Australian? I’m learning about this journo. This journalist has even seen the clear evidence of Howard Furner’s sexual abuse, but still supports these two disgraceful humans. It’s another of these woman who support abusing man syndrome.

What is wrong with many journalists, someone says they swam underwater from Australia to New Zealand, naked, with great white sharks chasing them, and some fucking stupid journalists would print it. THE ARTICLE:
EXCLUSIVE by the biased and unfair buddy of Goughy, journalist
NICOLA BERKOVIC (not the first article she’s written on dickhead. Makes people wonder what she’s getting from Goughy)
MAY 28, 2020

You see Goughy many people see straight through your bullshit lies and this article, as this person states,

“”This type of article can contribute to the potential cessation of compensation that the majority are entitled to”.

The dangerous antics of using the recorded and researched <3% of possible coaching parents with regard to child sexual abuse being publicly traded as though the dynamic for false accusations, is far more common than factually not, is the equivalent of staining a white shirt with heavy pigments and anticipating a capacity to return that shirt back to a crisp white.

This created and mapped landscape, enables abuser’s to further oppress their victim’s and protective care providers that meet the >97% genuine cases that are actually reported building a negative demographic already in discriminate conflict with society due to the irreproachable lack of systemic supports based by the doubts created often by the people trying to avoid accountability and their enablers.

In short, this type of narrative is based on a minority that will screw the majority once again.

Rather than cause offence to the many – 97+% GENUINE VICTIMS of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE who are already paid menial compensation for proven offenses, another approach must be established…
The accused are NOT and never were expected or mandated to repay the compensation, so it bears no affect to the accused, yet this type of article can contribute to the potential cessation of compensation that the majority are entitled to.

Now add a little evidence to why articles of this caliber are dangerous and follow an uneducated narrative, I present the link to a 27 May 2020 article about a Victorian Police officer mandated to serve community service for falsifying withdrawal statements of Victims because “he couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork”

No one wants to pay the one dollar to read it. I don’t even need to read it and I can guess what’s in it. No doubt you are playing the alienated victim in this article and blame woman or your ex or court or you’re using reverse psychology about being called a paedophile? You poor thing you.
How did I do Goughy, was I close?

Have you ever had a mental health assessment Goughy? A serious question being asked… you could ask El Chapo advice, as he knows a couple diagnosed, mentally unstable people. Don’t worry, there is plenty of help out there now for people like you Gough.

Hey, you’re breaking S121 are you not? But you know better than me, you are an experienced, qualified, licensed lawyer right? I know what you’re doing, you want pathetic attention, so your only hope is have a friend write a one sided story about you. Interesting… Let’s see how long it takes your online troll Chapo to post about your article, as he attacks crazy mothers… I’d say within 48 hrs….. bingo!

Below is the female hating page he runs, check out the services Goughy provides. Are you serious! Child protection services, legal services! YOU ARE NOT A LAWER. How many times do you need to be told.

“Andrew Gough is Delusional. He needs to be reprimanded by NSW Law Society for bringing the profession into disrepute

Yep, these guys are very interested in you pretending to be a lawyer. Transcript of judge telling you to stop pretending to be a lawyer has also been sent 👍 …
You are the dumbest plonker on this planet. Here is Jimmy McGill trying to register our company email address to his Skippy (me) Facebook hate page. Facebook sent this for us to confirm our email is linked to the hate page. Besides the FB login details we are obtaining to prove who is using the hate page, this is another direct connection to Andrew Gough and the hate page.
Rae Asun-Schein- The fake account Andrew Gough used for years to terrorise up to 60 victims, 95% being female, before being exposed, which he then change the same account to Jimmy McGill.

The real Andrew Gough and failed Greens Parliament candidate. A complete psychopath, paedophile, bully, parasite, liar, narcissist, abusive, rude, coward, misogynist, looser, dumb, vexatious litigant, child abuser, scumbag. Oh sorry, I forgot lowlife. #andrewgough

Andrew Gough’s daughter has been awarded a large amount of compensation from NSW Justice Victims Services for her sexual abuse. Why?? Did you get the NSW Attorney General to intervene to over turn the compensation decision, BUT you did not succeed?? Why? Did the judge order you ZERO contact with your daughter? Why?
Amanda Sillars do you and EMMM support Andy the Gough?
Thanks for sending in the picture of the sloth sitting to the left. You are not important, but for some reason you believe you are. No one wants to listen to your lies of being an alienated parent, besides Amanda Sillars who will support any person who says they are a victim to PA, without doing due diligence.

Why did your daughter receive a very large compensation payment by NSW victims compensation department?

Of course, El Goughy now exposed, and true to his DNA, tells everyone NSW Victims Compensation is just a load of rubbish and they give everyone thousands of dollars in compensation with no evidence.

So everyone, just file an application for any reason to VC in any Australian state, and you will receive thousands of dollars in compensation. Better than playing the lottery right Goughy? You can ask El Chapo, or his mysterious brother Brain in Melbourne, (both charged and convicted of Fraud) Chapo knows every Australian tax scam. I mean he does receive careers assistance for his abusive partner, who is faking an illness. Yes, the same girl he was sleeping with underage when he first met her.

He was in his 50s will she was 16. But that’s OK 👍 Love yes? The same girl who has had numerous DVO put on El Chapo. That’s the 4th separate female to have DV orders issued against Colin Chapman. All lies El
Chapo?? I guess these 4 females are all lying right?

Now is your chance to feed the world your fabricated story. WHY El Goughy? Why has your daughter received a large payment from VC? Tell everyone. Hide behind your alienated card all you like paedohile. Many people are waking up to who you really are.. freak. You’d have to be the most hated person I know, besides your paedo buddy El Chapo.
So many reports to ACORN against Gough’s online abuse only a matter of time for him to be taken down.
See below a small snippet of his long police record.
Andrew Gough’s affidavit with his signature on the left, part of his vexatious and malicious AVPO application, which was immediately rejected by a judge on 19 December 2019 in Lizmore, NSW. Gough states he only uses the fake account for ‘gaming’… this guy is unducking believable.

The Judge ordered Gough and his paedophile best mate and co applicant, Howard Furner to pay me $7,000 in costs and for wasting the courts time. We have no doubt dumb and dumber won’t pay, and I hope they don’t so we can initiate debt collectors.

Update 25 March : Dumb & Dumber have to the amusement of others, stupidly appealed the judges costs order, after debt collectors knocked on their doors. The judge knew they would hence the judges very clear instructions and advice to these two parasites. No one has ever stood up to these two scumbags, which they absolutely hate. My legal representative will fight their stupid and baseless appeal on 27 April, and make sure more costs are added onto their already 7,000 debt.)

This is becoming the new series of the muppet show. I’m going to record it all and send to Warner Brothers Studios. Honestly, I’ve not seen any two so stupid. I’m told the judge on your appeal hearing thinks the same. As these two parasites provided no grounds for their appeal, the judge has kindly given them (they have no chance and the judge knows it) till 6 June to give any good reason why they can’t pay my $7,000.

But it’s increased now Goughy. When you lose on the appeal dumbass you’ll be paying more fees.

OK OK… here it is, 22nd June, appeals judge immediately threw out their vexatious and frivolous appeal. When when when will these two parasites learn, they are just dumb. The judge has now ordered them to pay me the original $7,000 PLUS $1,250 EACH for more costs. Now, it’s $9,500 you owe me dickheads, and I hope you don’t pay this either, so I can send the debt collectors AGAIN. There bum buddy barrister, who they use to sign off on everything for years, didn’t even argue or contest the judge’s decision!

It’s true what everyone says about you…

“Adam, Furner and Gough are both malignant narcissists and coercive controllers. The truth is that they get off on being in court. You are getting to them. Ignore their childish hate page as no one takes any notice of what they say. They behave this way when felt threatened. Thank you for standing up to them. You are the first to do so as they and Colin Chapman always threaten their female victims. They have caused so much pain to so many good people.”


“I noticed with interest a recent local court matter in Lismore between you and that despicable cockroach Andy “Darth” Gough aka Destitute Dad.
I live at Billen Cliffs, where Andy lives, and most people here know of Andy and his recent support for a Mr Rod Erickson, another owner at Billen Cliffs (Larnook), who got caught upskirting a 9 year old girl at a local air show. Plenty on that matter on Google.
Can you elaborate on what your matter was about. I regretfully missed it in the Court Lists otherwise I would have attended in the public gallery.
Understand Gough has been reported to police especially in Lismore an exhausting amount of times mostly for harassment and online bullying.”


“Hi Adam, firstly thank you from many in the Billen Cliffs community for exposing Andrew Gough. I heard about him trying to keep you quiet with his AVO. There are not many people he hasn’t tried that trick with but fails all the time. A real waste of court time he is. If i was Andy I doubt i would be advertising the court matter on a group for everyone to see, nor would i be suggesting the google search which leads to multiple pages that are about Andy Gough pedophile.
There are pleny of people in Billen who will be directed to that search because it is long overdue that people saw Andy for the despicable little person he is.
There is a separate Billen Cliff Facebook page which was set up by Andy back in about 2009 but he got booted from his own group for being rude and abusive. I understand your caution given Andy’s form. Many of us saw through him early in his time here in Billen.
Please keep up your wonderful work and thank you again from many people who support you all the way on this matter of Andy Gough. I would like to stay anonymous please as Andy has a very bad reputation in this community of attacking people online. He has also threatened people who go as witnesses against him. I’m a simple and gentle woman who wants no trouble.”


“Your honour,

My name is XXXXX and I have been assisting Xxxxxxxxx and Beccy Summers uncover a person who has been trolling them online with spurious and damaging allegations through numerous fake profiles for many months now.

I put myself I to the firing line with an entity who portrayed himself to be “RAE ASUN-SCHEIN” for the purpose of his social media, namely “Facebook” and engaged private conversations for approximately 5 weeks. I litterally had to allow him to believe he was grooming me until he felt there was an element of trust, which was established quickly.

“RAE ASUN-SCHEIN” Admitted attending Mr Furner’s location during our conversation and freely gave me the court link to the case titled Parker vs Fulton of which I know to be the family law case of Karin Pridgeon vs Howard Furner – which Andrew Gough openly admitted.

Mr Asun-Schein was not willing to expose who he was until a short time later then admitted he was in fact the pseudonym – “ADRIAN GRAINGER” as written in the article

“RAE ASUN-SCHEIN” then admits his personal family law matter is “Grainger vs Grainger”, which I know to be the family law case of Georgina Faye Gough and Andrew Gough prior to or during their divorce.

I have screen captured the entire written conversation with Andrew (Andy) Gough under the alias of RAE ASUN-SCHEIN and myself, where I have provided the evidence to both parties seeking police assistance to obtain stricter protection order’s, to allow them to move forward in life without the incessant and repetitive attacks from Andy Gough and Howard Furner via Andrew Gough this due to his use of law and technology and Mr Furner’s lack of use.

When I alerted the parties to my discovery of who “RAE ASUN-SCHEIN” actually was, Andy Gough became incensed and reacted without defending my claims of his identity, but to ask why I exposed him. I found this odd but insightful. This profile has since been rekindled under the new alias of “Jimmy McGill” as I discovered when seeking the original conversation of Rae Asun-Schein.

Andy Gough now uses the alias of “Adrian Grainger”, “Destitute Dad” and “Jimmy McGill”. Andy Gough has previously been known to use “Abigail Summer’s”, Rae Asun-Schein, and I suspect is connected to an online attack of over 80 people under the name of “Anna Helen Kalenuik”, “Exorcisms and Revelations” page, and “united against RIP Trolls and Cyberbullies” groups where several key players are involved.

Mishka Hudson advocated for the 80+ victims through officer James Vaness at Vicpol

And ACORN – “who have referred this to Victoria Police who have an open investigation,

ref CIRS-20190714-19” via Mishka Hudson.

We have an open investigation regarding the damaging behavior and incessant attacks of Andrew Gough and his close associates – Colin Chapman, Howard Furner, Cynthea Jenke, Pat Desmond and Anna Helen Kalenuik.

I have worked with a mid sized team to gather evidence of these connections to Andrew Gough and Howard Furner in hopes of helping to protect the children and families from the very people the children have accused of causing significant harm.

I can provide some of my screen shots in hopes of helping clarify who the alias is.

Sincerely XXXX ”

Or the large defamation lawsuit and police investigations going on AGAIN against El Goughy and his pensioner online bullies. Take note of main players highlighted in red below. Please note… Facebook page Anna Helen Kalenuik, was another of El Goughy’s dumb ass online trolls, that is being dealt with now by Victoria police. Police take online bullies seriously. But you should know that right, I mean you are a lawyer correct? What’s your email again…. 🙄 such a duckwit!

Just take a look at some of Gough’s victims below… oh my.. you have been a busy old pensioner over the years. Does Amanda Sillars and EMMM support this online criminal behaviour? I mean you do sign off on EMMM paper work right? Or are you going to lie about that now!

Look at all the child protection organisations and child advocates below. Gough targets these victims with his online fake accounts. Simply unbelievable. Why would any mentally sane person do this? It’s ongoing Goughy…. so many want you taken down and held accountable for your years of terror. The more you post, the better for everyone.
As my lawyer states below in her summary, it was very comical listening to dumb and dumber, especially their questioning of me. What was even more comical was their pathetic appeal hearing. Absolutely have no idea these two muppets. Oh yes it’s all recorded on audio Goughy, don’t worry 😉
Please see my lawyers summary letter of court proceedings ⬇️
Rodney Paul Erickson… (google search articles above) the paedophile who was sentenced to 18 months prison after up skirting a 9 year old girl at the local Lismore air show. This is Goughy’s buddy and who Goughy supported, accusing the young victim girl as a liar! You fucking dirt bag Gough!
This below quote fits you 💯
Destitute Dad Facebook Page – created and run solely by Andrew Gough *ONLY* He writes on his page as if there are other members running the page. Goughy is trying to clean up his image on this page by moving his real self posting to the hate pages, using his multiple fake accounts, still attacking many woman and of course the honorary me.

Only 1 team member you unintelligent idiot. (But wait, as he is watching this blog daily, he has just changed to have 4 members…)

I’m so happy you are learning from me Goughy…. you’ll learn more about me when we have that coffee in person. You see I’m not as old as you are, but I’m old school. I don’t hide behind fake social media accounts attacking people.

Gough uses this page Destitute Dad, solely to attack woman, spread his obsessive hatred towards females, in particular his ex wife and mother in law and those who speak out against him. Honestly, I’ve never seen so much hate towards the opposite sex. Saddest thing is he is not a victim of any alienation. There’s a very good reason why the courts ordered ZERO contact with his daughter! Reading this and his hate pages and his female hating page, is there any wonder why the courts have ordered zero contact …. for your daughters own safety. But what do you tell people Goughy??? Porky pies!

Excellent decision by the courts of Australia who got this ruling spot on. But you just campaign how bad the Australian family court is and how all woman are nasty humans. Hey isn’t the same ruling for Furner’s son? Didn’t the family courts rule that El Chapo only see his sexually abused daughters under supervision?

You see pensioners, you can hate me all you like, create whatever you like, manipulate anyone you want to believe you, post whatever you like, but the truth to the matter is … this blog speaks the truth and that’s why you 3 scumbags are a little upset. I’m no genius, I can’t spell, I have an obsession with chocolate and ice cream, but what’s that old saying…… oh yes that’s it….’The truth hurts’ and everything that comes out of my mouth boys, you know is the truth.

Gough is best mates with Howard Furner who sexually and mentally abused his own son and whose ex partner is with Dr Russell Prigdeon, the man arrested for helping mothers in Australia avoid their kids being further raped and sexually abused by their paedophile fathers. Howard Furner being one. This is the sole reason why Gough attacks Furner’s ex partner and Dr Prigdeon so often online. Gough and Colin Chapman aka El Chapo, put out propaganda online to hide the fact they are part of the paedophile network Dr Prigdeon tried to stop abusing kids.


Now you’ll understand why so often Goughy and his fake accounts along with El Chapo, attack Dr Prigdeon and Xxxxxxxx . I can tell you Xxxxx has lived a life of terror due to Gough, Furner and Chapman. Absolute cowards.

Gough was also pulled up by the judge on the 19th December, in relation to Gough proclaiming to be a lawyer. Gough tricks people into believing he has a law degree and scams money from them for his legal services. People, this muppet is NOT lawyer, nor does he have a law degree. He is a fraud pretending he is. Gough is being reported to the NSW Bar Association, as he is clearly unfit to hold any legal licence he may try to get in future. The judge told him to “Stop It”, you are not a lawyer. Gough will also soon lose his JP (Justice of Peace) title. He has violated numerous code of conducts JP’s must adhere to.

It’s scum like Gough who encourages the online war against males and females for no legitimate reason, besides being exposed as a complete scumbag child abuser. A laugh of a page (destitute dad) that he also uses to trick good fathers into donating to his fake Go Fund account calling it, POOKIE NEEDS HER DADDY!!! …. absolute filth! He has scammed good fathers into donating just over $2,000 for his personal use. Where is the fathers money Goughy?

The word on the streets is that Goughy boy is bragging he will soon be a lawyer…. well the word on the other street, is that Goughy is NOT FIT to be a lawyer. Something that the NSW Bar association will be finding out. Impersonating a legal representative when you are not licensed, is not taken lightly by any bar association. But then again, Goughy and his crew of dumb ass child abusers, are all to familiar with impersonating to cause harassment, bullying or harm to others online.

Here is El Goughy the lawyer (NOT) giving people the impression, along with his other fraudulent behaviour of being a lawyer.

Here Gough is again using his fake Jimmy McGill account on 13 February 2020, 2 months after his bullshit court application chatting to himself. Below screenshot shows him replying to good fathers on his pathetic female hate page ‘Destitute Dad’ using Jimmy McGill….. Psychopath narcissistic! Unfortunately, for him no one takes any notice of his woman hating page so he needs to like and comment on things himself.

But sometimes he has a little dummy spit so he reverts to who he really his. This is him posting a picture of my boys. Remember, he is a want to be politician! Apparently, the Greens Political party wouldn’t even accept him and if you look at everything here of who he really is and what he’s done behind his keyboard, no wonder why the Greens hate him. Says it all really. Then take a look at his crony likes. Just look at the profiles liking it. A bunch of hill billy lowlife trailer trash woman haters.
Goughy hates anyone who supports his lovely ex partner or speaks out with truths about him. He will not hesitate to attack anyone with his fake multiple SM accounts, as he’s doing above to Charles McGavin, for calling him out on all his fake accounts. The true nasty #andrewgough
Sorry, there are just so many fake accounts run by numb nuts. He now says he uses fake accounts for Section 121, not to identify himself… you IDIOT! You confess over social media who your fake accounts are and your family court proceedings. No one else has too… dickhead. Now you get an idea of just how menacing this maggot has been to his victims.

Goughy, just a reminder you and your paedophile bum buddy Furner, owe me $9,500. But that’s OK, I’ll let the debt collectors deal with you AGAIN! Hey, I know, appeal again to the Prime Minister… SHOW ME THE MONEY GOUGHY BOY.
Gough’s other dumb right hand man is #colinchapman. Apparently, El Chapo tells everyone there is no audio recording of his own father George Chapman being interviewed by myself. Well here’s the intro:

And here is a few minutes of the 30 minute interview with George:

Don’t worry Chapo, I hear you are now saying it’s not your dad in the recording. Traits of a master lifelong liar. Stay tuned fuckwit. Big mistake lying it’s not your dad! I’ve got something even better. No wonder why your whole family disowns you, you compulsive liar.

How did you get your pathetic private investigator licence? Did you really steal work colleges monthly salary packages from the HR office draw? All your life long lies you tell everyone including the media, have now been exposed. Never have I met anyone so desperate as you. Don’t think the above audio is all that’s there… the best is yet to come, including your own father talking of your suspicious behaviour, he saw with his own eyes with you and your daughters! George also confesses you put the acid on his new BMW after you leant the car.

George confesses so much more, including your lies you tell everyone that you were kidnapped when young! Unbelievable the hell you have put your own father and family through, not to mention your ex’s and countless clients you have scammed. Stealing from your own father!!! WTF. No wonder your whole family hate you. Yes, George says that. He also tells how you are a prolific liar, but hey the whole world is learning that very quickly.

Paedophile, ‘convicted’ thief, ‘convicted’ fraud, ‘convicted’ Domestic Violence x 4 (beating his ex wife and current partner), and countless domestic violence protection orders issued by Brisbane Court against him by 4 different ex partners – Colin Chapman, uses his fake child recovery image and page to sexually abuse children. An absolutely despicable human. Did you sexually abuse Layla Leisha??
I mean, you are connected to 90% of those involved in her abuse.

There are countless records showing he works for free to find children including Layla Leisha’s mother who subjected Layla to years of sexual abuse by a group of paedophile men. Chapman works in order to illegally return children to paedophile parents. #colinchapman
Who really is Colin Chapman? Read this detailed factual blog. It will give you an indication of who he really is
ONE of many fake profiles Colin Chapman uses to attack, harass, stalk, threaten, bully, terrorise and create propaganda
Colin Chapman doing what he does best (besides sexually abusing his daughters) spreading malicious propaganda. A true champion of creating and spreading propaganda. A sad old pensioner who lives on his FB page and keyboard.
Colin Chapman & Andrew Gough hiding behind his facebook Jimmy account. NO, Big Col, the media have not investigated you 3 scumbags. Not only are you good at sexually abusing your daughters and hiding this dirty secret for years, you are also a champion at stalking and harassing people online.

That’s ok pensioner Col, my police and military records clearly show you are a liar. Chapman is always in the background like the coward cockroach he is, assisting or guiding paedophiles like he did in the above malicious AVPO. Supplying dumb and dumber ridiculous (in relation to Chapman) information, as the judge said to Furner, “your source (chapman) is not a reliable one.” Soon I’ll post court transcript of audio showing Furner confirms he got documents from pea brain Col.

How long did you serve in the Australian Secret Intelligence Services?? You fraud! It’s a federal offence to state you worked for ASIS when you didn’t. We are waiting on ASIS reply.
Below is a news article from NZ where the journalist Ben Hill, did zero due diligence on fraud Col and basically wrote any horse dribble that old man Col spat out his dirty mouth. Pensioner Col told Ben Hill he served in ASIS. There it is in black and white ladies and gentlemen. ⬇️
Why do you refuse to answer this Chapo?
Colin Chapman without doubt sexually abused his 2 daughters in the shower multiple times, teaching his daughters how to clean their private parts with his penis. It’s in the police report as described by the girls.
Read below ⬇️ Two independent witnesses who rented a room in the same house from Chapman, also expressed grave concerns about Chapman’s bathroom activities with his daughters including, strange behaviour towards manipulating his daughters against their mother, his marijuana addiction and growing drugs in house.
Colin Chapmans sessions of sexual abuse in the shower, lasted an hour long as described by the daughters to police. Chapman then lectures his daughters up to 3 hours demanding Saria (oldest daughter) that she is not to tell anyone what they are discussing/doing. As written in police report above ⬆️ as described by the daughters. Read yourself above undisputed evidence.
Police records and evidence shows the information recorded in the child protection history indicates that there have been significant concerns that Colin Chapman has physically abused the child Saria….⬆️
An independent witness who rented a room in the house of Colin Chapman made a statement to police with numerous concerns including SEXUAL INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR with his girls. Verbal humiliation, domestic violence, relentless browbeating, child neglect, psychological abuse and chronic drug use are just some of Colin Chapman’s true traits. Read above yourself ⬆️
Colin Chapman has numerous (4) domestic violence orders made against him by 3 different woman. Judges agreed after seeing evidence of serious assault on the same woman.
Howard Furner who sexually abused his son for years. Furner is one of the most vile peadophiles out there. NSW Victims compensation department awarded his son thousands of dollars in compensation for the sexual and mental abuse he received from his father after Victims compensation saw and evaluated all the evidence. See below actual report #howardfurner Note: Furner also tried to get the NSW Attorney General to overturn VC decision, BUT it was rejected. Why?

Furner when will you admit what you did to your son? You can continue the bullshit of being the victim of parental alienation, or biased family courts or any other smoke screen you throw out in your desperate attempt to hide what you have done. Why don’t you just hand yourself into police, apologise to your son and his mother for everything you have done, then do your time in prison with the other sex offenders. Going on court convictions to paedophiles, you won’t be in prison for long.

Furner I challenge you to sue me for defamation…. PLEASE DO! You know perfectly well I’ll have your son next to me as a witness to everything I’m saying as truth and facts.

That’s exactly why you pulled out your defamation case against Dr Russell after he called you a paedophile, because your own son was called in as Dr Russell’s witness against you. You dropped your application of defamation immediately! You scum! Oh, the factual things I know about you 3 shit bags. Sue me please!!!

I’ll pay your flights and accommodation to Moscow. You wouldn’t last a minute here, as would your other peadophile mates. I’d promise you wouldn’t leave Russia, as their are special prisons here for child abusers. Unlike Australia, Russia doesn’t protect child abusers, and police informers are usually used and spat out, left to fend for themselves against those they rated on. So 2 strikes here for you.

So you all understand the connection and why you will see lots of propaganda online by Chapman and Gough (destitute dad page). Dr Russell Pridgeon, the good man arrested for trying to save kids from their paedophile fathers, is partners with Howard Furner’s ex partner and mother to Furner’s child (the child Furner sexually abused). Read this blog about that case, where the mothers charges of stealing her two girls have just been dropped by AFP. But these peanuts won’t post that will you fuckwits?

Now that should put context into place as to why Andrew Gough and Colin Chapman continue to attack Dr Russell online with hate speech and complete propaganda. Gaslighting at its very best! In order to discredit Dr Russell protecting kids from them and their paedophile network.

On the 19 December when the judge ordered Furner to pay $7,000 in costs the judge also expressed her concerns for Furner’s mental well-being. I have a full audio recording of the court hearing and honestly Gough and Furner are two of the biggest muppets on this planet. Furner remember there’s no time limit on your son reporting you to police. You will be arrested and you will be found guilty of sexual abuse!
But wait Furner… there is so much evidence from so many professionals with decades of experience who has looked into your abuse.
OR what about a little snippet of the tonnes of evidence direct from your wonderful and intelligent teenage son. I promise, I’ll be the first standing at the police station the day your son is ready to speak out and report you himself to police:

Domestic violence orders against him.

And the countless documents in support of Howard Furner’s own son reporting him for sexual and mental abuse

Howard Furner also has confessed on record in Lismore Federal Circuit Court December 2018, to being a police informer to both Detective David Miles in the Child Protection Unit in Townsville Queensland and Darren Williamson from the Australian Federal Police. Wait for it …. BOTH Miles and Williamson are lead investigators into the Watters Twins child abuse case (Operation Noetic) where they are both going after guess who? Dr Prigdeon who was partners with their informer Furner’s, Ex partner!

The evidence speaks for itself when it comes to these three child abusers. Oh course, now Goughy uses a one sided news article by The Australian, to rubbish NSW’s VC, threatening legal action (of course he does just add it to his gigantic list of people/organisations he is suing)

The Commissioner of NSW Victim Support was more than happy with the clear evidence of sexual and mental abuse by Furner to his son. Read her letter above ⬆️ Read

Then there are those who support child abusers and those convicted of domestic violence against woman, like this dumb individual below Jasmin Newman, who thinks she’s some kind of expert in child abduction. A fool who numerous individuals will vouch against as being a supporter of all three paedophiles above. She tries to preach against Domestic Violence BUT supports men who have Domestic Violence court orders against them!!

Who is this woman, who thinks it’s funny to defame people? Let’s find out….

Jasmin Newman a complete nobody in the child recovery industry has popped up from nowhere and is now an expert. We first heard of her, after receiving numerous messages from followers, about her constant online comments, defaming myself and CARI, at the same time supporting Colin fraud Chapman.

We were then informed she had written a book and one chapter in that book, was about our Lebanon recovery for Sally Faulkner. Immediately, we knew this Jasmin was a ambulance chaser, seeking some sort of wanted fame.

It’s clear now, from reading her chapter on the Lebanon recovery, she hasn’t got a clue what day it is. The amount of blatant garbage, lies, exaggeration, made up horse shit, is off the planet. Just real stupidity, that someone can write such defamation, is beyond us. Our Lebanon lawyers are not happy at all, considering the case also hasn’t gone to trial. Dumb!

She’s proclaiming to be a child abduction expert, (add it to her long list of proclaiming to an expert in many things) by writing a book to earn money off parents heartache stories, including the infamous Dr Russell case, which still has not gone to trial, but she writes a biased chapter! Which by the way, as of 22 June 2020, the mother Cassie Watters has had her charge of Child Stealing DROPPED, by the AFP. Read my other blog on that case.

Jasmin did not give a right to reply to Dr Russell or anyone else she defames in that chapter of her book. Jasmin has also broken a judge’s suppression order, for identifying a sexual abused child in her book. I’m aware of authorities looking into her breach, which is a criminal offence.

Jasmin has written a chapter in her book supporting Andrew Gough’s story, without even contacting the mother or anyone else in that case. Jasmin has written a chapter in her book supporting Howard Furner’s case, without even contacting the mother or now teenage son in that case. Do I need to go any further!

This is why Jasmin self published her book with just a distributor in UK, who has advised me, they are not responsible for any book they publish, it’s the responsibility of the writer…… YOU, Jasmin Newman.

Update…. Well as suspected, Jasmin has opened herself up to numerous defamatory lawsuits. Very stupid woman writing absolute horse rubbish, with no facts, no research, no investigation, no rights to reply, all copied/paste from and based on defamatory main stream media articles, and information from the three idiots above.

As a very experienced defamation lawyer states, actually one of Australia’s best defamation lawyers, there are many factual errors and sloppy research in Jasmin’s book, but hey, Jasmin you keep telling everyone you did extensive research! Unbelievable.

Why would anyone be so stupid to put a book out with so many lies, all which are easily proven false.

I won’t give too much away, as I’ll leave the defamation lawyers to deal with you Jasmin, but as a little example of Jasmin’s blatant STUPIDITY in her book….. Jasmin, did Sally Faulkner check into the same hotel as C9 and CARI…??? 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 YES, of course your research was extensive!!

Your sources Gough, Furner & Chapo have really landed you in horse shit. It’s very clear you have conspired with these three, writing a chapter in your book, which favours each of them… BUT WHY are you so desperately supporting these 3 paedophiles ???

Will they be helping you finance your lawsuits Jasmin? The only promoter of her book is Andy Gough and Colin Chapman on their FB pages. Says it all really. Have you two parasites been educated on defamation laws. Best you both read quickly!

Right,… we have been trying to understand the connection of this mysterious Jasmin, to Gough, Furner and Chapman and now we have the evidence. We have never met, nor heard of or contacted her. You see, after seeing documentation, Jasmin has been called out in the past by other people, she has many many victims of *her* online abuse and has been especially called out about her lack of experience, work history and support of abusive men.

Jasmin, have you ever ‘pretended’ to be a psychologist? Have you ever told media you were a psychologist? 🙈 Why do you lie!!!! You must be related to Colin Chapman. Look at this trend….

Chapman told media and promotes that he worked for ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Services)…

Gough tells everyone and promotes himself as a lawyer….

Newman falsely proclaimed and promotes herself to be a psychologist…


You are not a psychologist Jasmin, you have no qualifications or education as a psychologist.

This behaviour is what frauds do Jasmin. Not only is it fraudulent behaviour, under the National Law, it’s unlawful to knowingly or recklessly claim to be a registered health practitioner, when you are not. Real practitioners call this ‘holding out’.

This can include using a title, name, initial, symbol, word or description which could be reasonably understood to indicate that an individual is a health practitioner or qualified to practise in a registered health profession.

Section 116 of the National Law also makes it an offence to knowingly or recklessly:

  • hold yourself out to be registered in a division of a health profession when you are not;
  • claim to be qualified to practice as a health practitioner.

Section 118 of the National Law makes it an offence for a person to claim to be a specialist practitioner, if the person is not registered in that recognised specialty. It is also an offence to claim someone else is registered in a particular profession or division or holds specialist registration, when they do not.

Come to think of it… this sounds awfully familiar with what Bettina Arndt did…

Jasmin are you trying to be like disgraceful liar Bettina Arendt?

Look at this fraudulent behaviour below from Jasmin… take note of the quotes from Jasmin the ‘Psychologist’!!! Confirms everything we have stated and thought. Jasmin is nothing but a misogynist with tits!

And what does Jasmin do after being called out as a liar in 2017-2019 about being a psychologist? She gets her online trolls to start a website to bully and harass anyone who speaks about Jasmin… here is the link Domestic Violence Abusers Excusers ⬇️

But she does it in a coward way of having someone else create it, so she looks like the victim. ⬇️

She then started going through and deleting her blogs, websites and posts from her many different platforms, at the same time, promoting herself NOW as an experienced mediator ⬇️ again with zero education, experience or qualifications.

Wait for it… Jasmin charges $200 per hour per person!! The normal charge of 90% of others promoting themselves as mediators, is on average $30 per hour or based on the persons income. $200!!!!! You’re having a laugh Jasmin.

Look at these comments “Mothers Are Killers” inciting the gender war and especially hate towards mothers…. BUT WHERE IS THIS BLOG NOW?

We have been doing a little digging on you Jasmin, as something is not right. It’s called real research and investigation, not like what you or your woman hating female journalists buddies do. What we are finding is quite disturbing actually. Jasmin you are connected directly with some nasty people. Your hate for any woman who protects their children is of great concern.

Slowly we will show facts about you, including who you are associated to and what you have been doing to many people. Not lies, not anything but facts…. I know people like you, Gough, Furner and Chapman absolutely hate the truth being told. But, there is a thing called freedom of speech, which allows people to speak truthfully.

What’s the other thing Jasmin does when exposed? exactly what Gough and Furner do… threatens people with legal action. Well no Jasy, your pathetic ‘Press Release’ will not work my love. You have defamed people in your book and you will need to answer for it. It’s that simple, it’s not a threat or harassment or anything else, you want to cry about, it’s just facts that has supporting evidence.

You can get your little gang of trolls (and we know you have them) who use lawyer and journalist status to give your false credibility some limelight, I couldn’t give two fucks. But you see, a liar will always be a liar, and liars always get caught. Just ask your bestie Colin Chapman.

Astonishingly, after Jasmin received her first legal desist letter from one person she defamed, Jasmin immediately created a ridiculous ‘Press Release’ (as she calls it) statement on her FB page, rebutting and trying to defend her defamatory book. She also accuses people telling the truth, as starting smear campaigns against her, no Jasy, no smear campaigns, only facts and truths on here.

At the end of her statement, she amusingly tells people to go buy it on Amazon. In a cocky kind of statement to those she’s defamed.

Let’s see what Amazon pay out for selling and promoting a defamatory book.

Any media outlet you try and promote your defamatory book, will be contacted by those you have defamed. Just like your recent attempt to promote your yourself and book with Kidspot. Once one of the parties who Jasmin defamed contacted Kidspot, Kidspot immediately removed their article offline. Defaming someone, let alone a few people like you have defamed Jasmin, is not something media take lightly.

There is was ⬆️⬆️

There it’s gone ⬇️⬇️

It’s very clear and true, you hate woman who protect their sexual abused kids. But now is the cracker about Jasmin Newman…..

Is it because your own brother was acquitted of a sexual related criminal offence? Again, factual people.

Jasmin, is this your brother in the link below? Is your brother a convicted and confessed paedophile!!! He is on the sex offenders register correct? ⬇️⬇️ 🤬🤬

Now, it all makes total fucking sense as to why you are up Gough, Furner and Chapman’s asses. I knew it! I knew something was not right. Please Jasmin, send me a message if this is incorrect, and I’ll remove it. (I’ll bet my house, I’ll never receive that message, will I Jasy?)

Read this link about Jasmin’s paedophile brother ⬇️

NOW, it all makes total sense, why Jasmin attacks woman and supports abusive men. Again, something others have called you out for in the past and to try and stop them speaking you applied to have AVPO put on them to shit them up, exactly what Gough and Furner tried on me BUT FAILED. This is why you are in the pocket of abusive men like Goughy, Furny and Chapy, all with DV orders against them. Nothing strange to see you are connected and supported by Amanda Sillars from ENMMMIIIMMM.

Why Jasmin, is Amanda Sillars directly connected to every single name, you and these other peanuts are connected too? It’s like some secret cult you muppets are involved with, who attack people from your keyboards, groups, websites and fake accounts, while giving the general public, a different image of who you peanuts really are. Can you shed some light on this?

I swear, I should be an investigative person, exposing the truth on topics like this.

A journalist who has read your defamatory book stated, “I’m not impressed at all. You can see she has done no research or investigation into the cases”

Jasmin, has no one told you, you can not write things, especially in a book that is published, that are not true? It’s appalling. Good luck with the defamation lawsuits.

If you look into who Jasmin Newman is, you’ll find she has not one ounce of experience or education, but Jasmin proclaims now, after the Psychologist lies, to be an expert in relationships, after doing some certification from a Cornflakes Cereal box. Even others have called you out about your lack of experience, before we even knew about you. People do your own due diligence on Jasmin Newman.

Sadly, Jasmin then creates a website trying to sell some ridiculous online course, teaching parents about relationships with zero experience or qualifications and all for $147 AUD.

Please, don’t believe things you read, do as I do, do your own due diligence or even better, ask Jasmin to show her years of experience and qualifications in these fields. Ask her why she pretended to be a psychologist.. Something is not right with this Jasmin Newman and the more we dig, receive messages and see information about Jasmin, it’s becoming very clear.

She’s forcing the book down peoples faces as she comments over Facebook pages ending with, “did you buy my book.” She’s connected closely with Gough, Furner and Chapman, hence in her book apparently, she writes her thoughts on the Dr Russell case supporting the paedophile fathers.

Jasmin has even recently assisted Gough and Furner in their vexatious and frivolous AVPO applications and appeal, against me, the one they lost today and must pay me $9,500 in costs. Well done Jasmin!

All connected like flies on shit. It all makes total sense now, as to why she wrote about the Lebanon case, based on defamatory news articles, without speaking to one single person in the case, at the same time defaming myself and others.

She supports Colin Chapman, that’s why. Making social media comments, “Amatuers” against CARI and in support of Colin Chapman.

Remember the scumbag who put everyone in prison, after he contacting Sally Faulkner’s ex husband and kidnapper of the children. There is no doubts Chapman had a part in the chapter on Lebanon.

It’s absolutely true, Newman is desperate to gain some sort of fame, as she goes on the attack of woman protecting their children from known paedophiles. As I have said to some others, there is something just not right about Jasmin and her connection to all these abusers….something is fishy. We will find it, don’t worry. It’s called investigating, something you Jasy, haven’t got a scooby doo about… FRAUD!

That’s right, YOU ARE A FRAUD, Jasmin Newman. We have overwhelming evidence to support it, so don’t start getting your nickers in a twist again, with more ‘Press Releases’ bullshit. Does A Current Affair and all the other media outlets you have managed to fool in recent years, know you are not who you say you are?

Someone with no experience or knowledge of parental child abduction, just mysteriously writes a book, which includes every single one of these douche bags and this story on the link below, which is fake and made up to try and extort $40,000 from channel 7 Today Tonight. Read this blog, it’s one of the stories Jasmin writes about:

Bingo….. Jasmin’s whole book and the cases she writes about, are connected to the convicted fraud and paedophile, Colin Chapman. Every single chapter, relates to Chapman! The mysterious layers of horse shit, are being uncovered Jasmin. How much percentage is Chapo taking per book? So this is what we have worked out so far.

Jasmin the protective mother hater, is the puppet for Gough, Furner, and Chapman. They would have all sat together with their master plan of writing a book, that supports each of their stories, while rubbishing their ex partners (which they love to do). Chapman needs desperate credibility after being exposed and charged for fraud, but neither of these 3 fucking idiot men could write the book themselves, as it would look to biased……SO that’s where good old Jasmin mysteriously comes into the picture. That’s it ladies and gentlemen….. the rat is out the bag.

This is why, Jasmin didn’t give one other party to the rubbish stories she writes about, a right to reply. This is why Jasmin wrote about the Lebanon recovery, to defame and discredit CARI and myself, which then supports Chapman.

God, I can not wait for coffee with you Chapman. Anyone writing a book based on real stories, ALWAYS does their research and investigation, which ALWAYS includes interviewing every party in the story about to be written about. It all makes total sense now.

I would confidently bet my house, that the whole scamming idea of this book, was Colin fraud Chapman’s ideas.

Jasmin even wrote a glowing post on her FB page, about being interviewed by a New York Times journalist in relation to parental child abduction, but where is the article Jasmin? She’s another Colin Chapman!

Clearly she’s been steered heavily by making such biased comments on social media in such a big case in the media spotlight.

The propaganda king Chapman, is teaching her well. Actually, what we are uncovering, shows Chapman and Newman are closer connected then we thought. Jasmin, are you involved in Colin Chapman scamming vulnerable parents, who have had their children abducted? Simple question others are now asking.

I’d strongly advise against wasting your money on Jasmin and Chapman’s book or her online scam of a course. No doubt she’ll sell as many copies of her book as big Col sold his scamming peadophile book….. zero.


Don’t worry old Col, you are a main character in my book soon to be released. You’re desperate for fame… you’ll be getting it, but not exactly how you’ll want it. You’ll also be featuring in my future book on the war against paedophiles. I’ll try and hurry up, I don’t want you passing away due to old age without reading my books.

Most don’t know but for 6 months behind the scenes I’ve had these 3 paedophile fathers do everything to keep me speaking the truth. On the 19th December 2019, I appeared by video link from Russia to a NSW court.

As a result of the courts decision, those truths will continue and innocent kids voices will continue to be heard through me. Of course after the judge smashed these two paedophiles, Gough needed to post something on his Destitute Dad Fb page, in order to spin more bullshit. Soon I’ll post the full audio so everyone can hear the truth and listen to just how dumb these two are.

For years the individuals I exposed in my video pinned to the top of my Facebook page, this one ➡️ ( ) have harassed, stalked, threatened, traumatised, bullied, intimidated countless individuals, especially woman with online fake accounts. They have always gotten away with their despicable actions. I’ve seen some shit, but the actions of these above child abusers is beyond me.

They seem to think I give a toss about them posting, I was arrested in Lebanon or Singapore helping kids. 👏👏👏 Please tell the world something they don’t know!

Andrew Gough, Colin Chapman and Howard Furner have hidden and imbedded themselves in groups that support their online bullying, from Parental Alienation to Fathers Rights group, just so they can hide the truth of their sexual abuse to their own kids. They have groomed so many individuals to think they are victims of Parental Alienation or the family courts, it’s shocking.

Well no more!

I’m going to oust everyone connected to these child abusers and I don’t care who you are or what organisation you are from.

On the 19 December a judge agreed with me, and gave the two paedophile fathers ( Furner and Gough) a stark warning for their continued vexatious and malicious court applications they file against everyone. Those who sit on their fat ass stating it’s defamation by me exposing these scumbags, you are so far from reality. I’ll stand in any court in any country given a solid defence, including having victims of their abuse as witnesses.

Hey, I know, why don’t you get your bum buddy woman hater mate, from Australian Brotherhood of Fathers to pay for you. Isn’t that what you boasted about Furner to your ex! I wonder what all the good fathers would say who don’t know their donations to ABF are funding you 2 paedophiles.

The only defence these 3 child abusers can use is, everything is a lie! Of course it is you scumbags. Everyone and everything people state against you 3 is false!!! It’s how you keep your kids quiet. Furner your son is old enough now and I promise you, he will speak about what you did to him. You will go to prison.

Well now all your years of terror of abuse towards men, woman and kids has backfired… When the truth smacks you in the face. We suggest you hand yourselves into police, make a public apology to all those you have abused online, and apologise to the children you have sexually abused.

My new video below explaining exactly what’s happened and the fact that on the 19 December 2019, was a great day for those who constantly speak the truth to expose child sex offenders and for the kids who have no voice. Watch my video here and share to as many as you can. These paedophiles hide on the fact no one speaks out the truth. ⬇️⬇️ video below

Soon my new Podcast will be live from Russia and I’ll be discussing these 3 child abusers in details and so much more with victims and others. Stay tuned El Gough, El Furner and pensioner El Chapo. These parasites absolutely hate the truth being told. Remember there is no date of expiration for child abusers.

Anyway, wasted too much time already writing this, but at least now, all your victims have someone who will stand up to you shitbags. I’m happy it’s me.

Always stand up against bullies guys. No matter what they try to keep you quiet, never stand down. Always speak out for innocent kids who have no voice.

As I’m busy with more important things then this dickhead, other admins will update this blog as necessary.

Yes me, who can’t clean, cook, read, spell, draw, put on clothes, who has children with minors in many countries, who abuses kids, abuses woman, abuses dogs, cats and butterflies and just about anything else you 3 fuckwits spit out, with your verbal online diarrhoea propaganda.

Now you know what all your victims have felt like for many years. Understand people, the goal of these parasites is to intimidate, scare and silence all their victims. This is why for years, Gough, Chapman and Furner have gotten away with their deplorable online behaviour. It’s time to fight back victims!

You can like or dislike this blog, you can think what you like, to be honest, I couldn’t care less. If you sympathise with any of these halfwit online bullies, you are just as bad.

Everything in this blog, is the truth the whole truth so help me god. This blog is not stalking, harassment, threatening, a smear campaign or anything else the above names will try to play victim with.

Love Skippy ❤️

#colinchapman #howardfurner #andrewgough #andygough #onlinebullies #paedophiles #stalkers jasminnewman #justiceiscoming #onlinemenaces #childsnatchers #destitutedad


  1. Hi Adam, will send you a message. There is something really off about Jasmin Newman that I think may be related to a family court “expert” report writer who is recommended violent child abusing men get primary (virtually sole) custody of the children they violently abuse. I can’t get the evidence to prove it due to lack of resources, but maybe you can.

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