Operation Noetic – Watters Twins

I’ve kept quiet about this case that has made headlines for the wrong reasons. I refuse however to sit back and stay silent in a case that needs to have a microscope ripped through it.

‘Operation Noetic’ the Australian Federal Police call it. I’ve looked at things from outside the box and from outside both sides who support the opposite sex. I’ve spoken to people directly involved with an open mind and looked at countless evidence. I’ll be honest, the case stinks so much and has a virus worse than COVID19… Paedophiles.

Main stream media doing as they do best with rubbish headlines labelled it a ‘Child Kidnapping Ring’… well again, the main stream media prove just how incompetent they are and only want to print headlines that sell more, rather than print truths. Just like the Lebanon 60 minutes case where Australian media used the EXACT SAME propaganda king/media whore as in these paedophile cases, see below or guess who!

A child kidnapping ring, what a load of horse droppings. Many including Dr Russell Prigdeon reported the horrific sexual abuse of the Watters Twins to all the appropriate authorities but as usual was ignored time and time again.

Involved from the outside, there is of course the pro men, feminists hater groups to the right supporting of course the father Michael Watters. There are the pro woman, misogynist hater groups to the left supporting the mother. No surprises there, groups which are fuelled and lead by propaganda kings and queens on social media. I can bet my left arm 99% of those supporting the fathers side, haven’t got a clue about the details or seen facts or evidence of sexual abuse in the case. Supporters spurred on only by propaganda. The usual muppets jumping on the bandwagons of the gender war.

With those involved in the case including Doctor Russell Prigdeon due in court in April, and after being involved in some of the biggest international kidnapping, sexual abuse and murder investigations, I’ll now express my honest and professional opinion on Op Noetic.

There are just too many things that stink and clear flaws in the Watters Twins case (Op Noetic) for it to be ignored. From the blatant laziness and ignorance of the substandard investigation, lead investigating officer **Detective Sgt David Miles** in Townsville’s Child Protection Unit who has a history of neglect in child abuse investigations so much so he was reprimanded by a Royal Commission into his poor investigation in the sexual abuse of children in institutions and as to why it took him 5 years to arrest paedophiles who raped a child and who were subsequently put in prison for their rape. I can tell you that that child is suffering tremendously as I actually know the child and family. Punishment for Miles was a slap on the hand by the Royal Commission. Detective David Miles also has a history of giving sexually abused kids back to the paedophile parent even after hearing horrific video and tape interviews direct from the abused child (I’ve heard the recordings myself and for this innocent kid not to be listened to is … catastrophic), AFP lead investigator into Operation Noetic – Darren Williamson’s connection to his personal paedophile informer Howard Furner, the incorrect media propaganda headlines (AGAIN!) in the Watters case, to all those including the investigator David Miles who blatantly ignored the countless reports of sexual abuse directly from the twins themselves and multiple sources which include experienced ‘independent’ professionals. It’s an absolute disgrace. Those who ignored the twins should be ashamed of themselves.

Another sad situation like Layla Leisha’s sexual abuse case where the Australian Federal Police got it all wrong. The AFP have since apologized to Layla and her family and only after did the QPS (Queensland Police Service) now opened a new investigation against the paedophiles, which includes current serving QPS Officer John Flanagan. Layla was ignored by authorities just like the Watters twins. The media garbage fuelled by the exact same despicable peadophile, who sexually abused his own two girls in the shower and who is behind the media propaganda in the Watters Case, *Colin Chapman*.

Many people arrested in Op Noetic are not only pensioners but also have nothing to do with the case. Will it be another case where the Australian Federal Police investigators lead by Darren Williamson, are left with egg on their faces due to lack of evidence and the sexual abuse of the Watters Twins not being investigated correctly? Let’s wait and see…
I know where my money is being placed. I should know, ‘apparently’ I’m the ring leader in this case. You ducking propaganda idiots! If I was involved… I’ll guarantee you the Watters twins would be out of Australia living free from sexual abuse.

The other question that needs asking, which I’m aware recently Senator Larissa Waters (not related) has asked the AFP, is exactly how much money has Operation Noetic actually cost the Australian tax payers to date?

What is also abundantly clear is the same dirty filthy names being involved again and again, when there is a child raped or sexually abused in Australia and it hits the media. Paedophiles Howard Furner (confessed on record in Lismore Federal Circuit Court December 2018 to being a police informer to David Miles and Darren Williamson who is the lead AFP officer involved with Op Noetic! – Watters Twins investigation!), Andy Gough (Destitute Dad Fb page) and Colin Chapman (police informer). There’s no surprises in the names as I’ve exposed them in the past for who they really are and what they are doing and I will continue to do so until they are prosecuted for their crimes. Watch my video pinned to the top of my page, I speak about the Watters case.

This group of paedophile fathers continue to spit out propaganda over social media to gain sympathy support from the same sex. They use the ever so abused term ‘Parental Alienation’ as a defense to allegations of child sexual abuse. They infiltrate groups like Australian Brotherhood of Fathers and Eny Meeny Miny Mo Foundation/ or Parental Alienation Australia Ltd to hide in gaining their support as the ‘poor innocent victim fathers.’

They create fake social media accounts to harass, stalk, threaten, post propaganda, incite hate towards woman and intimidate those supporting the sexually abused kids and mothers. They use Facebook page ‘Destitute Dad’ as their source to fool good fathers and continue the female male war. And guess what…. each of these scumbag paedophile fathers, have (some multiple) Domestic Violence orders issued by courts against them. Then you have those who PRETEND to speak out against DV, but in fact support these parasites below, just like paedophile supporter Jasmin Newman. How can those against DV support those who have and still do commit DV and who have been found guilty of DV??

Here is ‘one’ of Colin Chapman’s DV order: https://adamwhittington.home.blog/…/who-really-is-colin-ch…/
Here is Michael Watters DV order: https://drive.google.com/…/0B4Ydon9Fdh_-LXJyNkhtc1dfd…/view…
Here is Howard Furner’s DV order in this blog: https://adamwhittington.home.blog/…/who-really-is-colin-ch…/
Copy of Andy Gough DV order coming soon… don’t worry Gough it’s on the way.

Some very interesting public detailed information about the Watters Twin case can be found here for all to see: http://www.alecomm.com/…/1614_f7f61d2cfc6483b88e438ed679fc7…

Please, if you’re interested when reading the above public information take a close look at all the links directly at the bottom of the report above and other very interesting links to material involved in the Watters Case. Source provided to me by an experienced lawyer in Queensland who is shocked at the Watters case and the police handling of it. I can only imagine what a subpoena for correspondence between Furner, Gough, Chapman and police would show.

Guess who is related to Michael Watters…. Uncle Mark McArdle https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/members/current/list/MemberDetails?ID=3185374871&fbclid=IwAR3OaheUemCMuwmE8IIWOsi3iqQKqEMjXhQkwIXz_eKNBjdYZiIdwkqMs9I

And guess who is mates with Michael Watters…. https://www.sclqld.org.au/judicial-papers/judicial-profiles/profiles/jcoker?fbclid=IwAR2j1sGCNrRa39OHfMaW_vVXgDN_YxGzLb5-OObQw9SATNBQnMOkG-d_X5c

For the sake of these twin girls and future cases, a new investigation is imperative and needs to be carried out, as is a Senate inquiry and Royal Commission into the investigation of the Watters case. The Australian Federal Police do know about the sexual abuse of these innocent children but refuse to investigate. Why?

Unfortunately, before that has even happened the two Watters twins are in the hands of their father, who both girls have disclosed countless times and to many different people, they were sexually abused by.

Well done again Australian system for doing what you do best…. PROTECTING CHILD SEXUAL PREDATORS!

You see, speaking out loud against child sexual abuse in Australia is intimidating for investigators, especially when you speak out loud with truths.

Who do I support? Easy, the innocent kids like the Watters Twins and Layla who are ignored time and time again, like all kids sexually abused and whose lives will be destroyed because of a disgraceful system that pushes loving and protective parents/people, to take matters into their own hands, in order to do what authorities should be doing and our constitutional right is… PROTECTING CHILDREN!

Below is Doctor Russel Pridgeon’s speech outside Brisbane court 5th April 2019:

This case is not about child stealing, it is about child protection. It’s about the desperate efforts of good people, good law abiding Australians, desperately trying to protect children from the worst sort of sexual abuse. We are not criminals. There is no law in Australia against protecting children from rape. We are not criminals. We have a right to protect our children. We have a right to protect our children even against court ordered child sexual abuse. Family Court ordered child sexual abuse. We have a duty to protect our children. If we didn’t protect these children we would be breaking the law. The criminal code, section 260 I think it is [note SECT 286], demands that we protect children, keep them safe, and we’ve done that, yet we are being charged with crimes. The people who have abused these children are not being charged, they are being protected, they are being protected by the AFP. The AFP are denying this abuse, even though they know that these children have been abused. This denial is absolutely blatant, and absolutely brazen. It’s quite wrong.

Raping children is a crime. It is an abomination. Ordinary decent Australians regard it with horror and disgust, but the AFP apparently do not. And the public servants who were supposed to protect these children did not. Apparently they don’t regard child sexual abuse as a problem here. The child protectors, we the child protectors are being prosecuted by the very people who failed to protect these children in the first place. This is a crime to hide a crime. The AFP knows the full effect of these children’s abuse. They have access to the police databases. They have taken our computers, they’ve taken all our documentation, and that documentation that was leaked with the description and evidence of the children’s abuse. Yet they do nothing, yet they continue to lie about the children’s abuse. They say the abuse did not occur, it occured! The descriptions that we have of the children’s disclosures are graphic; they are horrendous. They know this, and yet they lie. The AFP know what we know. They know that these children have been sexually abused. We protected these children from abuse. Whatever we’ve done, we can say that we have given these children four years of freedom from rape. These children made 30 plus disclosures to 13 different adults. When they were between the ages of 4 and 5, over a period of about 18 months, only one of those adults was ever interviewed by the police. This wasn’t an investigation, it’s not a bona-fide investigation. It was a coverup. Those witnesses were excluded from testifing in the family court, which then gave custody of the children.

Professor Freda Briggs did a report on these children. She was so disgusted with what she found, she made a complaint to the Crime and Misconduct Commission. The Crime and Misconduct Commission found that the officers who dealt with this case had done an inadequate and poor quality investigation. Nonetheless there was no remedial action, nothing would be investigated, but the narrative, the false narrative that these children were never abused, continues.

Incestuous child sexual abuse, is a crime of secrecy. It occurs in the privacy of the family home. It occurs behind closed doors. There are no witnesses. If we choose to disbelieve the children, then we commit the perfect crime. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, promised the children of Australia, that they would be believed, and they would be protected, and that’s what we did. We believed these children. We believed them and we protected them.

This is a very dark moment in the history of the Australian Federal Police. Their behaviour is appalling. They have shamed Australia.”

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